Old Testament Apocrypha

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Old Testament Apocrypha

(greek ἀπόκρῠφος — hidden, secret)
Books that are not included in the biblical canon. It is not necessary to confuse the Apocrypha with the Gospel of Thomas and other forgery. Apocrypha are historical books, but not inspired, therefore do not enter into the canon.


Apocrypha are included in some Bibles, for example, in the Russian Orthodox Bible.
But they are included as apocrypha, as additional literature, historical, useful, but not divinely inspired.

These books are also called Deuterocanonical.
They got into the Bible during the first translation of the TaNaKh (Old Testament) into Greek - the Septuagint.

Apocryphal books:

  • Tobit,
  • Judith,
  • The Wisdom of Solomon,
  • Sirah,
  • Baruch,
  • 3rd Ezra
  • 1st and 2nd Maccabees.
Apocryphal Addenda to Books:
  • Additions to Daniel (Susana and the Elders; Bel and the Dragon; Prayer of Azariah),
  • Prayer of Manasseh
  • Letter of Jeremiah,
  • Adding to Esther (10:4-16:24).