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Statistics of Bible

Number of chapters of the books of the Bible

The wisest person in the Bible: Solomon
The strongest person in the Bible: Samson
The longest lived Methuselah: 969 year. Gen. 5:27.
The longest chapter in the Bible: Psalm 119
The Shortest Chapter in the Bible: Psalm 117
The shortest verse in the Bible: "Jesus was shedding tears" (John 11:35)

Number of books in the Bible - 66

  • Old Testament - 39 books.
  • The New Testament is 27 books.
  • The whole Bible is 66 books.
  • Orthodox Bible - 77 books (all the same 66 books, but also includes apocrypha - second-canonical books)

Number of chapters in the Bible - 1 189

  • Being-Job - 478 chapters
  • The Psalter, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs - 201 Chapter.
  • Prophets - chapter 251.
  • Old Testament - 929 chapters
  • New Testament - 259 chapters
  • The entire Bible - 1 189 chapters.
If you read 3 chapters a day, then the Bible will be read for 1 year and 1 month.

Number of verses in the Bible - 31 240

  • Old Testament - 23 214 verses.
  • New Testament - 7 959 verses.
  • The whole Bible - 31 240 verses.

Translations of the Bible

On our planet, about 6.9 billion people speak more than 6900 languages.
3,223 languages ​​have a full or partially translated Bible.
  • In 636 languages ​​- Full Bible
  • 1,442 languages ​​- New Testament
  • In 1145 languages ​​- Parts of the Bible
  • In 1700 languages ​​- The translation of the Bible has not yet begun.
About 353 million people have never had the opportunity to read the Word of God in their own language.
However, as a rule, the languages ​​of small peoples are little used and people actively use one of the official languages ​​of their country, ex. Russian, English, Portuguese, Spanish.

In these languages, there are translations using only commonly used words. This series of Bible translations is called ERV - Easy-Read-Version, there are and others, for example Live Bible.

For example, in Russia there are many small peoples who receive education in Russian and read in Russian, because in their languages ​​there is a very scarce fiction and virtually no scientific literature. And those who have Bible translations in their native language prefer to read the Bible in Russian, the reasons are better translation and a great literature of biblical dictionaries, encyclopedias and other auxiliary material.

Every second in the world, one Bible is printed.
32,876 copies of the Bible are printed daily.
The number of printed Bibles in the 20th century alone amounts to many tens of billions. Following this book on statistics, "go" the writings of Mao Zedong, which are inferior to her by a few tens of thousands of times.

Bible is the most

  1. The most expensive book in the world - the Sinaitic Code (the ancient manuscript of the Bible), was sold by the Soviet government of Great Britain for $510,000 in 1923 year!
  2. The cheapest - no book had so many free copies.
  3. the most accessible for everyone with any level of education.
  4. The most diverse book.
  5. The largest number of authors is over 40: kings (Solomon, David) and shepherds (Amos), doctors (Luke) and fishermen (Peter and John), commanders (Joshua) and leaders (Moses) and many others.
  6. The longest in time writing - from the 15th century BC. Up to 1 century according to R. Chr., I.e., during 1600 year!
  7. the most holistic and without a single contradiction.
  8. The largest by volume.
  9. The world's most persecuted book - the story does not know of examples when, during the year 2000, against any book, state laws were issued, violators of which would be punished with death.