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The world's first platform with a free account for mobile applications. is a fresh take on the old ‘crm platform for mobile apps’ concept – push notifications, analytics, promotions engine.

Instead of making it a fee-based product (like most of the SaaS products out there), building native ads monetization as part of the core features.

Hence, it’s an entirely free platform.

It’s perfect for indies & start-ups because with just 1 free SDK you can easily replace 4/5 other services, dramatically cut down your SaaS fees, and earn more revenue – we like to think of it as a bit of a game changer.

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Mobile apps analytics: behavioral analytics, stability monitoring and push campaigns in a single marketing platform.

Track installations from any source of traffic - from the web, applications, mail, instant messengers and even offline in real time.

All the necessary information about your advertising campaigns - from installations to conversions - is broken down by channels, creatives or any other parameters.

Manage reattribution at the campaign level to successfully launch retargeting and customize the attribution window as you see fit for each method separately.

Along with postbacks, send effective setup and conversion parameters to your advertising partners to optimize your CPI and CPA campaigns in real time.

Deeplinks will allow directing users who clicked on advertisements to the necessary section of the application or to the relevant landing page.

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