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It's no secret that the vast majority of dating sites do not pursue the goal of creating a family. This is the place of communication of sexually dissolute people, homosexuals and other perverts. But not all servises are dating like that. It is clear that Christian dating sites set other goals - acquaintance with the purpose of friendship, partnership and family creation.

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Christian dating for Christians around the world with a large base!
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Peace to you brothers and sisters!

Now we are the Shegyan family, Arthur and Gayana! A huge desire to heart to share with you our joy! Exactly one and a half years ago, on the blessed site "" we met each other. I was in Uzbekistan, worked, served the Lord, believed and prayed for my wife, who would love the Lord and correspond to me, as written in the Scripture.

Gayana was at that time in Russia, in the city of Yekaterinburg, where she studied in the Bible College, served and worked, although she also came from Uzbekistan. On January 9, 2009, I received a short letter with only one word - hello. Only one Lord knew that this was the first word of my future wife! We began to closely communicate, correspond with this site, as well as through ICQ and mail-agent. I do not know how it happened, but on the fourth week of our communication, we confessed to each other in love! Many did not understand this development of the relationship, but only our Lord multiplied love in us! We could only see each other from photos, through video files, to hear on the phone. Discussed various topics of family life, raised important issues that every young couple needs to know before marriage, read Christian literature on marriage, took fasting and praying, and looked for the Lord!

Six months later Gayan flew to Tashkent airport, where I met her. This was our first meeting! And, Hallelujah! Glory to Jesus, this is a fairy tale, we liked each other even more than in photos! And immediately together with Gayana I went to her hometown - Samarkand gets acquainted with parents and ask the hands of their daughter. On the way to Samarkand, we could not look at each other, as if we had been in love all our lives, but we were separated. In Samarkand, we set a date for the matchmaking (for Armenians - nushan) and after a month in July we got engaged. And it seemed that soon the wedding would take place, but the plans changed, I had to move to Russia, since all my relatives had already lived there for a long time. Having received the blessing from my native church in the city of Angren to leave the world, I left for Russia in September 2009. Again, the time, the distance distanced us ... again communication through ICQ and mail-agent, it was very hard, we were so tired of being separated for a long time, dreamed of leaving our testimony on your site as soon as possible about how wonderful the Lord is! Only He alone was able to preserve our relationship, we realized that loving the Lord, called according to His purpose, promotes everything for the good. It became clear to us that this time the Lord gave us for additional preparation for family life and now, being married, we feel immense joy and happiness that we are finally together. Glory to Jesus!

In 9 months I came to Uzbekistan to marry! On May 30, 2010, a wedding was held in the church of Angren, and on June 5, 2010, a wedding in Samarkand!

In conclusion, we would like to tell everyone who wants to create a family. We know many brothers and sisters in Christ, waiting for their 'halves'! Be patient, trust in the Lord, believe that He is omnipotent, able to arrange your personal life! We love you very much, we pray and bless you, let our witness be to you the encouragement of God's glory and His infinite love!

With love in Christ Jesus, the Shegyan family!

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A modern online project calling all Christians will connect.
The site itself is very convenient, simple, intuitive, modern. Here we will be able to find friends, business partners, and someone's life companions to create a family.

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Christian dating on the Lamp for the purpose of creating a family. Hundreds of questionnaires.
Maybe not so much, but one person is needed.


International Christian Dating Service.
A site for single Christians in search of love and acquaintance.
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Free leading international Christian dating site.
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  2. choose from the database, who likes it,
  3. send the chosen one an email or message through the site.
The site has the ability to chat via chat.
Do not forget to learn the language before, otherwise at some stage it will come to you that you did not succeed.
Let's get better. :)

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