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Meet 2.0

Before dating services were quite a dangerous place. A man could impersonate anyone. A case is known when an American liked a girl and he sent her money for a trip to the US plus other expenses. In fact, his lover was a man, and the photo was Valeria.

I'm not talking about perverts, it's enough to say that boys are looking for boys to the sites, etc.

Today, everything has changed. According to statistics, marriages with the help of Internet are twice as strong. That is, half the divorces. Why?

First of all, you need to get acquainted on paid sites. Almost all perverts and jokers sit on free. Or get acquainted through social networks. There you can trace common friends, which helps to know a person or about a person.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of women write about themselves the truth. Most men tend to embellish the truth or seriously inculcate.

The main change in online dating is high-speed Internet, which allows you to use Skype. There is already a picture of Valeria will not roll.

Indeed. How do people get acquainted in ordinary life? - at a wedding, a party ... Then they go to a movie, a nightclub, to a concert. People practically did not communicate. And when they stayed together, they kissed more or ... Then they get married and learn about each other so much new things.

On the Internet there is nothing but communication. Because people get to know each other better.


2 stories

We have old friends. One met through the Internet. Let's call her Tanya. Her friend registered to the site of Christian Dating. A girlfriend is called Faith.

Tanya first had fun, because there was nothing interesting. Solid nonsense, serious people did not get caught, and to marry someone I did not want to marry. But then they hooked up with one guy. They quietly communicated periodically without planning anything, not counting.

Six months later, they began to communicate via Skype, which changed their relationship. The great thing about Skype is that we get acquainted with the real person and are protected. If things go wrong, you can simply throw out the Skype account and start a new one. So to say ends in the water.

In short, it turned out that Tanya's new acquaintance served in its territory. There was something in common. Then he came to visit. I stopped not from her, but from her friends. By the way, additional witnesses are a good defense.

Then he returned home, they continued to communicate via Skype and after a year married.
She lived in a small town where it's hard to find a good guy. Most drink, almost all smoke, many sick on the head. And I would like a normal, and even love.

He lived in Siberia (he went to work for a few years). There is also a small town and a free girl to find it difficult. Well, the same would be desirable not just a free girl, but love.

We periodically communicate, see the pictures on Facebook and they are all good.

And her friend Vera, who set her up, did not register herself with the dating service herself. One guy from South America saw her photo on Facebook and was afraid to contact her at first. They had a mutual acquaintance, so he could see Vera's photo in friends with a common acquaintance. Then he asked her to be friends, well, she did not refuse, sort of as ugly.

They began to communicate and he invited her to visit South America. She is a single mother and there is no money. He paid for everything. She went and got acquainted with another culture. It was a very good trip. She brought a lot of gifts of souvenirs, there were many beautiful photos.

Began to plan a marriage. In the process, they somehow quarreled in a quiet way. You know that to quarrel loudly means to want to change something, but not to break it. And in a quiet way, this is serious. They realized that they were too different and did not marry.
Agree that it's better than moving in and then divorcing.

By the way, there are many divorces among marriages with foreigners. Because the difference in cultures adds to the complexity of the relationship. Many girls jumped to marry the Scandinavians and soon got bogged down. But in Sweden, Norway, Finland, a high standard of living and social protection. So you can live by yourself. But in South America, a foreigner who speaks poor Spanish is unlikely to settle, I would have to look for money on the way home.