Getting through social networks

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Getting through social networks

If and to get acquainted through the Internet, there is no more reliable way of acquaintance than through social networks. Why? Because this is not an anonymous network. Getting acquainted in other places, anyway, that get acquainted on the street. Many will say that getting acquainted on the street is not decent.

How well to get acquainted and where?

It's not so important where, it's important that you are introduced and recommended to each other.
A social network is an ideal place for this.

When you register, then you add friends of colleagues, classmates, classmates ... You know all of them well, do not you?
After that you can get acquainted with the lists of friends of your friends, here you get a rather impressive list. There are plenty to choose from. You do not know them, but your friends know them very well, just like you and your friends.

Someone liked you, you can ask your friend who it is, whether they are married ... Then you can get acquainted and start communicating with this person.

It must be remembered that communication via the Internet is not so much active as in real life, therefore it takes more time before you understand whether you are approaching each other. Because it is better to get acquainted with several people at once. This is just communication, it does not oblige. If the person then pushes you, you can ban him.

Before meeting, you can see the photo album and chat via Skype or videochat.

What not to do?

It must be remembered that the more friends your friend has, the worse he knows them. If he has a list of 1000 people. Obviously, he simply adds to friends all those who are not lazy, for the sake of number. And most likely most of them they never saw in the eye.

Do not place compromising photo. Maybe it looks cool for your classmates, but for an outsider this may be something repulsive. Remember that what went into the Internet, then do not change.