Half of dating with women in RuNet fraught with a wedding

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Half of dating with women in RuNet fraught with a wedding

More than 70% of women who have questionnaires to the sites of their acquaintances write about themselves only the truth, the poll of the company "Mamba" showed.

Most (73%) of users of dating sites indicate in the online questionnaire only true information. This was clarified during a survey conducted by the Mamba company.

Based on the results of the survey, the researchers also compiled a portrait of a typical girl - a user of dating sites. It turned out that such a girl does not smoke (or quits smoking), does not drive a car and does not raise votes in a dispute. In addition, she is not spoiled by expensive gifts - 61% of respondents reported that they were never given gifts more than 10 thousand rub.

In relationships with men, love is most important for such a girl, although 28% of the respondents considered that their elect must have a job, a car and an apartment. According to the girl, when meeting the first man to take the initiative. Exactly half of the interviewed ladies believe that serious relationships need to be legalized in the registry office.

The majority of respondents are happy with their appearance, and only 37% believe that they will not hurt to lose a couple of extra pounds. 51% of ladies are unreservedly sure that a woman is better than a man. 36% of respondents could not give a definite answer to this question.

A survey conducted by American researchers showed that users of dating sites still lie in their questionnaires - but they do it much less often than men.