Where it is not necessary to get acquainted

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Where it is not necessary to get acquainted

First of all, create a separate email for registration on the services where you want to get acquainted.
All the same, you do not want to be there all your life and so it will be easier to break the connection by simply throwing out the email.
It's just as easy to get rid of a maniac or simply not too modest a man.

1. Videochat with a casual interlocutor.
Recently, video chatting with strangers have become popular. These are simple services, connect and connect via webcams to a random participant. Simply, quickly, registration is not required. Minus is the overwhelming number of perverted users.

2. Naked, semi-naked photo or provocative.
Obviously, such people are not looking for a life partner, but for erotic fantasies.
I recommend not to use and services, where a large number of these kinds of participants. The atmosphere is not the same.

3. Pay.
In the west, dating sites are paid. This helps reduce the percentage of people. Who are looking not for a life partner, but for entertainment.
We have such kind of services are mostly free.

4. Officiality.
Do not use little-known services that promise a lot. Marrying a foreigner and other applications should be worrisome.

5. Money.
Believe me, a man is looking for a companion of life and money in different places. When I encounter network marketing, I try not to pay attention to the emotional part, I wait for the amount. When I find out the amount, then I start to think, but would I buy this thing for this money? And there was always an obvious answer - no. If your future life partner is "accidentally" in a difficult situation, do not help him. This is the usual trick of extortioners.
When a man gets acquainted with a woman, he gives flowers, etc.
So, if it's about money, we pause, we look at the situation without emotions, we check whether it was similar on the Internet. Or just stop the relationship.