Having a home Internet facilitates tying a strong relationship

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Having a home Internet facilitates tying a strong relationship

Girls who have access to the Network from home have good advantages for the rapid conclusion of long-term romantic relationships. This conclusion was made by psychologists from Stanford University.

4002 adult men and women were tested, of which 3009 were married or had serious partnerships. At the same time, half of the participants used dating sites at work, and the other through access to the virtual world from home, writes Raut.

In the course of the work it became clear that the Internet is becoming the leading social arena, in particular it is becoming increasingly important as a place where couples not only meet, but make long-lasting relationships. The study also found that virtual space has become especially important for finding potential partners in groups of people who, for some reasons, find it difficult to find friends, husbands and wives, such as homosexuals, lesbians and heterosexual middle-aged people.

According to observations, 82.2% of the volunteers interviewed who had access to the Internet at home quickly found their soul mate, a romantic friend or sexual partner, compared to 62.8% who used the Network in the office.