Hackers targeted at single women who want to meet you

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Hackers targeted at single women who want to meet you

Laboratory PandaLabs already warned users about fake "romantic offers" on the Internet. Beautiful girls, often from Russia, use social networks to get to know men for building relationships. Girls are offered to come to the country of residence of men to prove their "love", but the only problem on the way to happiness is the lack of money for travel. However, as soon as the man in love with the ears transfers money, the beauty disappears immediately.

Recently, similar attacks began to be exposed and women. PandaLabs reports an "incredible" increase in the number of messages that women receive from social networks from men who want to get acquainted. This time, bait is not an attractive picture or offers of an almost erotic nature, but the content of the message itself from a man who offers a serious relationship. He describes himself as an ideal partner: responsible, with a stable stable earnings, romantic, funny, good father, highly educated, proficient in several foreign languages, or as a widower seeking love, and so on.

Researchers at the PandaLabs laboratory contacted one of the "kazans" to reveal the secret of such love. After the first contact, the story began to evolve in the same way as in the cases with the "Russian Internet Brides": they want to come and meet their chosen one at any cost, however, unfortunately, some financial assistance is needed to implement the plan.

"Just like in the case of fake brides, the fact that a man confesses his love for a woman will undoubtedly attract her ATTENTION. We do not know how many women will fall for such a trick, however, we must admit that the messages are very elaborate, "commented Luis Corons, CEO of PandaLabs. - It is obvious that no one gives anything for nothing, just as unlikely that one person will fall in love with another, just by seeing his page to the site. We advise those who receive such reports to be extremely cautious, since in most cases, this is just a scam. "