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  1. stroylandiya.ru - Stroylandiya - One of the largest network companies on the Russian market of building and finishing materials and household goods.

AD Magazine

Magazine on design, interior, furniture ...
You can buy a glossy version, you can watch the archive on Internet or on the iPhone. You can subscribe.
And you can watch the electronic version, that is, the site itself.


Yanko Design

Blog and store the best ideas of industrial design. Here, newcomers and specialists can present their ideas to the general public, or maybe sell them.


Website and Internet community about architecture, interior design and decoration, landscape design and home improvement. The site will help those who want to make a good home renovation, completely change the interior, make it fresh, unusual, modern.
This site will help, give you ideas, ideas. And richer people can hire an expert.

To our delight, there was a version of the site in Russian.

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The online magazine was created for those who want to transform their house or apartment beyond recognition and bring a piece of themselves into the interior.

On the site you will find the interior style and decor element that will surely sink into your soul.

Here are new ideas with the help of which you can incredibly transform your apartment. Make it more comfortable, beautiful and stylish.

The goal is to help translate almost any idea you have. And if not, then you will be offered you a lot of interesting options for how you can beautifully and stylishly decorate a single element, such as a lamp, a stool, etc. Or immediately the whole room so that all the objects combine and look harmonious.


Contests for architects, designers, decorators.


Daily updated online magazine, primarily about real estate: architecture, interior, home appliances.
The magazine was founded in 1999 in Milan and became authoritative and popular.

Design * Sponge

Blog about design and interior. Very creative and refined.
Design * Sponge attracts a diverse group of dedicated readers around the world, already over 1 million.


Build your own home with your own hands.

The whole process, from design to design engineering, is very complex.

About how not to get lost in the flow of information, what recommendations should be followed and what master classes to use.


Online store of building materials, household goods, garden and vegetable garden.

Baucenter is among the ten largest DIY-networks in Russia.

A wide range of building materials, flooring, tiles, plumbing, tools, wallpaper, paint and other products for construction, repair and decoration, as well as the garden.

Hypermarkets are located in Kaliningrad, Krasnodar, Omsk and Novorossiysk.


Private sector.

Expert community on roofing and private construction.

Life in a private house. Councils for arrangement and construction. Acute social problems and events in the Russian private sector.

Ability to ask a building expert question.


Leading construction portal in Russia.

More than 170 000 genuine exclusive photos of interior design and repair, posted directly by the authors.

Daily interactive publications about home and repairs.

Here you can find a suitable designer or builder according to the catalog, or describe the task to our Auto-Picker robot, who will fairly select some of the most profitable options for YOU using the largest database in Russia. Taking into account your circumstances and wishes, for dozens of parameters and criteria.

Interior design ideas for apartments and houses.
Over 180,000 exclusive photos in HD quality.

Catalog of materials for the repair and decoration
More than 1,750,000 products for repair (bricks, cement, windows and doors, construction tools, parquet, tiles, etc., etc.), a catalog of furniture and household goods with photos and prices, as well as prices for construction, general construction, finishing works and repair services in Moscow, St. Petersburg and throughout Russia.

Construction forum.

Magazine and Personalized tape.

Daily interactive publications about design, building materials and technologies. Personal selection of materials, tailored specifically for your interests.

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Luxury House

Magazine about architecture and the best interiors of the world.


Construction portal.

Ideas for construction, repair and interior.

Catalog of services and products for the repair and construction, ideas for the interior, forum, exhibition.

Apartment Therapy

Make your living space a place where you love coming home to rest and relax. See beautiful apartments and tips to decorate your space.

address: Russia


Site about the construction of frame houses.

The site collects all the information about the frame houses from the best craftsmen around the world, information about the frame construction of houses with their own hands.

The most beautiful projects of frame houses, video and photo instructions in excellent quality from construction specialists. You will learn the secret technology of construction, as well as how to save on the construction of not one hundred thousand rubles, while using reliable building materials, it is also very important that the houses are as environmentally friendly as possible and do not harm your health.

address: Russia
Construction and repair their own hands.

How to build a house, how to connect water, heating and other communications, to make an inexpensive but high-quality repair, to equip your home with taste and much more useful information.

address: Russia
Everything about the design, decoration, repair and furniture - in detail about the interior, furniture, repair and decoration.

Here, almost everything that can be interesting for home repair: the choice of colors, types of facades, insulation, finishing, design, materials and other useful tips.

Become qualitatively illustrated.

address: Russia
Internet encyclopedia on the arrangement of networks engineering and technical support.

Video instructions, tips and secrets of experienced craftsmen, calculators - calculation of construction data.

Gasification, electricity, plumbing.

Central polygon

The online edition was created in 2013.

Independent reviews of the construction services and materials market.
Detailed instructions and recommendations on the device, the erection of building structures and the use of materials.
Publication of expert videos and fresh technical documentation.

A forum for discussing topics of interest to you and a question and answer column where you can quickly ask a question and get an answer from our expert.

A selection of calculators for almost all occasions that may be required for the device and calculation in construction.

Overview of specialized exhibitions and events in the construction industry, finishing of residential and commercial premises.

More than 1000 unique author articles on various aspects of building technologies and recommendations for working with them.


The most popular portal about building and country life in Russia.

The site will be useful at any stage - from ideas and inspiration to finding a team of builders for the project.

The community will always give good advice and share a wealth of experience.


The largest community of people building their country life. Here you will always be supported and advised. The best experts from the world of design and construction are always ready to share with you their invaluable experience. More than 1 million users, 14 million messages in more than 170,000 topics.


Create orders for work or materials - the best craftsmen and suppliers will compete for the right to work with you. We work with more than 20,000 performers in more than 50 categories of services.


Shooting from architects, builders and ordinary people who built houses with their own hands. The most complete video encyclopedia about construction and suburban life.


The experience of our community members. Best practices and debriefing for errors in construction, experience in design and operation, DIY and albums of ideas.


Press from the brightest topics of users and the news of the construction industry, editorial thematic collections and comments of experts. All ideas and experience of suburban construction, collected and processed by our journalists.


Online courses from the largest manufacturers for specialists of all directions in construction and engineering systems, as well as those who want to understand the materials in more detail. Opportunity to undergo additional special training without interruption from work.


Blogs about repair, construction and DIY hobbies.

150 000 topics on the forum.
2,800 blog entries.
100,000 profiles of craftsmen and amateurs.


Here, not only the interiors of the house, but much attention is paid to the consideration of various kinds of details is treated separately.

Home Tips.

Interior and design, cottage and garden, household appliances, do-it-yourself, feng shui, health.

Judging by the sections, here we are talking not only about repair, but also about comfort, comfort in the house.

For those who are preparing to repair, finish, change the design or redevelopment of the apartment.

This is your personal guide to creating the interior, the choice of design and furniture. We create the interior of your dreams, and, more importantly, meet the necessary budget.

Information about modern and popular styles that are used in interior design. The latest trends in fashionable interiors will not be too much information for you.

Experienced authors and interior designers will share professional secrets on the pages of our resource:

  1. How to make the interior harmonious and beautiful;
  2. What materials are best used for finishing;
  3. What styles of room decoration exist, and what is right for you;
  4. How to choose the right furniture;
  5. How to visually enlarge small rooms;
  6. How to place things and arrange storage space;
  7. How to find the original decor or make it yourself.
All articles have bright large photos, videos and step by step instructions.


Information portal for construction and repair.

How to build your own home with your own hands. The whole process, from design to design engineering, is very complex.

About how not to get lost in the flow of information, what recommendations should be followed and what master classes to use.