Remodelling of the apartment

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Remodelling of the apartment

Our houses were built in the times of the USSR and very seldom that they did according to the mind.
Many people like or want to reschedule their apartment.

Legislation - reconstruction and redevelopment of living quarters.

Order of redevelopment in Moscow

How to determine the bearing wall

Bearing wall - thick brick or thin concrete.
If your wall is thin, but do not you know if it's bearing? Try to drive a nail. In plaster he will enter without difficulty, and in concrete will not go at all.
Not bearing - lightweight baffle, sometimes thin of bricks.

If the house is blocky, then all the walls are bearing, except for the toilet-bathroom block.

If the house is brick, look at the ceiling, how the slabs lie, their edges rest against the bearing walls.

If the house with the columns (they stick out at the edges). There are such modern houses, especially high. Here all the walls can be demolished.

Ideas of your home

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