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Car guides
Technical manuals for repair and service, descriptions, as well as the operation of vehicles.

Technical manuals for repair and service, descriptions, as well as the operation of vehicles.

Various models and brands of cars, different years of release and modifications, with petrol or diesel engines, with automatic or manual gearbox.

The address and telephone directory of auto enterprises is as close as possible to specific car brands.

Video tutorials and instructions.

Video recordings of school lessons of famous teachers of Russian schools and gymnasiums. Each student now has the opportunity to see the lessons of distinguished teachers for free!

The site team records for you a collection of video lessons on the main subjects of the school program. Now published more than 500 video lessons on algebra, geometry, history, literature, Russian language and other subjects.

Records are combined into thematic groups in accordance with the school curriculum. Thus, school Lessonbooks are created in the video format. Now the program is covered from 6 to 10 classes.

Most of the videos are accompanied by additional materials - colorful graphics, slides and diagrams. In the future plans - shooting and placement of video lessons for junior and 11th graders, resuming lessons with the use of new technologies.

With distance learning, computer technologies are used as much as possible, which opens up great opportunities in studying the material. For example, the video tutorial can be stopped, you can return to the listened phrases of the teacher. The lesson can be attached hyperlinks, graphics, illustrations, making it much more interesting and extensive. This will teach your child to analyze the acquired material, come to your own conclusions based on the information received. In addition, you do not have to buy a large number of Lessonbooks. You can find everything you need by yourself.

Reviews of applications, accessories, software and news from the world of Apple.

Information project about gadgets in all their manifestations, technology and geek culture.

News about Apple and Google, Android and iOS, and in general about gadgets Internet technologies.
Reviews of applications and devices, and many other interesting things, including news about hightech in the Droider Show.

Information project about gadgets in all their manifestations, technologies and geek culture.
The purpose - interesting, fast and accessible to tell fans of technologies about new devices, applications and games.

The main thing is video reviews.
It is made intelligently and qualitatively. A good picture, video editing, good sound (often it is not even steamed about the sound).
Pure speech, which I like. Sometimes you watch it, but instead of arguments, all you like is not convincing.
And here people with brains explain to us what is not clear.

This is not just a stupid show to kill time, but a place where we can understand a lot.

Instructions for use, specifications, forums, equipment and electronics.

Instructions for use, specifications, forums, equipment and electronics.

You can add instructions, including videos.

Ribny domik
For those who are preparing to repair, finish, change the design or redevelopment of the apartment.

For those who are preparing to repair, finish, change the design or redevelopment of the apartment.

This is your personal guide to creating the interior, the choice of design and furniture. We create the interior of your dreams, and, more importantly, meet the necessary budget.

Information about modern and popular styles that are used in interior design. The latest trends in fashionable interiors will not be too much information for you.

Experienced authors and interior designers will share professional secrets on the pages of our resource:

  1. How to make the interior harmonious and beautiful;
  2. What materials are best used for finishing;
  3. What styles of room decoration exist, and what is right for you;
  4. How to choose the right furniture;
  5. How to visually enlarge small rooms;
  6. How to place things and arrange storage space;
  7. How to find the original decor or make it yourself.
All articles have bright large photos, videos and step by step instructions.

Smartphones and cell phones: reviews, news, articles.

Portal on mobile phones: news, reviews of smartphones and applications, useful articles.
Information site for users of Rostelecom services.

Information site for users of Rostelecom services.

If you use the services of Rostelecom, you may have questions. We contact support when something specifically does not work.
But as for tweaking, where to ask for advice?
Here this site can be useful.

TED-Ed -
Video tutorials and instructions.

Teaching video lessons: short films created by teachers and animators.
Animated video tutorials 3-8 minutes for high school.
All lessons are in plain English, we just choose subtitles in our language.
Computer blog for active PC users.

Computer blog for active PC users.
Tips, recommendations, step by step instructions.
Optimization and tuning of the computer.

Designed for novice users to help solve problems that often arise in the work of PCs and laptops.

All articles are step-by-step instructions with screenshots (for better understanding).
Focuses on the Russian-speaking audience.

The site also allows you to ask a question if you have not found something on the blog or if a question has arisen.

Yandex Academy
Video tutorials and instructions.

Information technology courses - Training in Yandex.
Here you can find training opportunities with Yandex, you can study online, watch videos.

Video tutorials and instructions.

Virtual training center.
Simply, these are paid video lessons on various topics.
You can be both a student and a teacher (of course, if you really are a teacher).

When you purchase video material, you can view Its unlimited number of times from any computer.

Everything about Android
Instructions, games, applications, news.

Instructions, games, applications, news.

tl; drLegal -
Gives a human-understandable description of the instructions for licensed software.

Tl; drLegal is an abbreviation of too long; Did not read.
The task of the site is to give a human-understandable description of the instructions for the licensed software.
Well, the truth is, you pay money and do not know your rights and limitations.

Generally it would be nice to first learn and then buy.

Registration is required, but without registration you can see - look.
If you bring a program, get a bunch of links, this license is broken down into points, because we do not need to study the instruction, and learn a couple of paragraphs, the site helps to find them.

Do you know that?
Instructions, educational.

Interesting facts for you.

Here every day the most interesting facts, questions of quizzes, riddles and human delusions are added!

This site is for people who like to ask questions and want to receive answers to them.
Man, the history of civilizations, scientific riddles and miracles, which the world around us presents us, is all incredibly interesting, and to learn a little more about these things is extremely tempting.

Online magazine for lawyers.

Online assistant for lawyers, created by lawyers for lawyers.

Materials on the site in a professional format: practical articles, step-by-step instructions on solving legal problems, samples of legal documents.

The main emphasis in the preparation of materials on their practical value . This is not a retelling of the provisions of normative acts “free style”, but professionally oriented texts containing analytical calculations, examples from judicial practice, blocks of especially significant information on various issues.

Of particular value is an extensive collection of samples of legal documents: contracts, various complaints and claims, judicial procedural documents, forms for corporate procedures, etc.

Links to samples are placed in articles on relevant topics, where they can be downloaded without any restrictions.

Moneymaker Factory
Business plans, ideas for business, business from scratch, instructions for opening specific types of business from practitioners.

Business plans, ideas for business, business from scratch, instructions for opening specific types of business from practitioners.

A very useful resource especially for those in the tank.

There are interesting sections, such as franchises or equipment. We specify the scope of our business, for example, Fast Food, then choose Sandwiches, Ice Cream, Popcorn ... and we are offered equipment for this. We ask the price, we look at the dimensions, you can add, that is, pick up a collection of equipment.

Business ideas, business plans ...

Maybe not everything you need, but you will surely find something useful that you can learn from home by sitting at a computer and for free.

Site about the construction of frame houses.

Site about the construction of frame houses.

The site collects all the information about the frame houses from the best craftsmen around the world, information about the frame construction of houses with their own hands.

The most beautiful projects of frame houses, video and photo instructions in excellent quality from construction specialists. You will learn the secret technology of construction, as well as how to save on the construction of not one hundred thousand rubles, while using reliable building materials, it is also very important that the houses are as environmentally friendly as possible and do not harm your health.

Creativelive -
Video tutorials and instructions.

Video lessons on creativity from top experts.

CreativeLive gives an opportunity to reveal people's potential by attracting the world's largest specialists directly to you, practically live. Thanks to the master classes in photography, video, design, business, audio, music, creativity, and software training, CreativeLive unlocks previously closed doors, making dynamic education accessible to all.

Anyone can watch live online seminars - for free - and interact with teachers in real time.

Free education of the future.

YouTube -
Instructions on YouTube.

Linux Video Tutorial.
In this YouTube account, there are a lot of tutorials on Linux and the programs for it: office, GIMP, driver setup, coded ...

Online courses from Yandex
Courses and lectures on in-demand professions in IT.

Courses and lectures on in-demand professions in IT.

Programming and data analysis

In the online courses you'll not only get the necessary knowledge from Yandex employees and invited experts, but also learn practical skills. No unnecessary theory, only what will come in handy in real life.

Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Five courses dedicated to introduction to machine learning and basic data processing tools.
Lecturers will show the full cycle of analysis - from data collection to selection of optimal solution and its quality estimation, they will teach to use modern analytical tools and adapt them for particular tasks.

The art of developing in modern C++

Teachers share their long experience of creating large projects in C++.
They don't retell the textbook, but teach how to solve the problems most developers face in practice. Lectures are presented in an easy and accessible form, supported by a large number of programming tasks.
Finishing this specialization will allow you not only to speak about C++ comparing it with other languages, but also get the real skill of programming.

Interface design: layout and javascript

Taking this specialization, you'll learn the basic tools of an interface developer.
The main highlight of all courses - complex, but not detached from reality practical tasks.
.They were prepared by the Yandex developers.
.They tried to make the exercises resemble the real working tasks as much as possible.

Data structures and algorithms

The curriculum includes five courses and project work.
Students are introduced to algorithms and data structures that are commonly used to solve problems in computer science.
During the training you not only have to come up with algorithms, but also to implement them - it gives you a deeper understanding of the material.
The program language is English.

Big Data for Engineers

Program of the three courses and projects is designed primarily for people who want to learn how to work with large amounts of data - to store them and build fail-safe and efficient processing systems.
But specialization will be also useful for those who deals with data mining. The program language is English.

Machine Learning: Advanced

In this series of online courses, instructors give the basics of deep learning, reinforcement learning, automatic text processing, computer vision, and Bayesian methods.

Manualslib -
Video tutorials and instructions.

Instructions for more than 40,000 brands.

Central polygon
Construction portal.

The online edition was created in 2013.

Independent reviews of the construction services and materials market.
Detailed instructions and recommendations on the device, the erection of building structures and the use of materials.
Publication of expert videos and fresh technical documentation.

A forum for discussing topics of interest to you and a question and answer column where you can quickly ask a question and get an answer from our expert.

A selection of calculators for almost all occasions that may be required for the device and calculation in construction.

Overview of specialized exhibitions and events in the construction industry, finishing of residential and commercial premises.

More than 1000 unique author articles on various aspects of building technologies and recommendations for working with them.

DIY car repair.

Articles, instructions, videos, reports on car repair do-it-yourself.

Pretty useful site. Here you can simply choose your model and year of release and get supporting information for maintenance or repair, for example:

  1. Terms of Service,
  2. weak points of the model
  3. reset service interval,
  4. Removing skin, radio, grille ...
  5. replacing the fuel filter, spark plugs ...
  6. what antifreeze should be added,
  7. battery label,
  8. not catching the radio,
  9. ...
You can ask a question (be sure to break through the search first).And you can offer your own instructions.
This will require registration.

The site for those who want to start a business, but can not decide on the idea.

The site for those who want to start a business, but can not decide on the idea.

Here are analytical articles about marketing, management and business psychology.

Sections: business ideas, self-development, sales, internet marketing, loans, taxes ..

Khan Academy -
Video tutorials and instructions.

Providing high-quality education to all and everywhere.
The site has over 4,200 micromolecules in mathematics, history, health and medicine, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, economics, cosmology, organic Chemistry, the fundamentals of American citizenship, the history of art, macro and microeconomics, computer science.

Engineer Council
Internet encyclopedia on the arrangement of networks engineering and technical support.

Internet encyclopedia on the arrangement of networks engineering and technical support.

Video instructions, tips and secrets of experienced craftsmen, calculators - calculation of construction data.

Gasification, electricity, plumbing.

All shorts
Instructions, educational.

Not everyone wants to immerse themselves in a classic novel and enjoy it. Someone just wants to know why Mumu drowned the dog :)
On this site you will find a lot of such information, cribs, essays, biographies.
Maybe you need to write an essay, but you do not understand it. The site helps you.

Instructables -
Video tutorials and instructions.

The largest collection of instructions on Internet in Internet.
Most are equipped with videos and understandable without translation.
You are here if you need to master the practical skill, how to hammer nails, remove handcuffs without a key, lear

Video tutorials and instructions.

Interactive training television.
This service enables users to get a video response (in the form of a screencast) on the raised question on computer subjects (for various programs, Internet services and ...). The project provides not only a video responses service, But also other standard web 2.0 social services, as well as the ability to watch screencasts-reviews on novelties in the world of IT and Internet. The main application is getting the most necessary and useful information about computers, as well as the opportunity to learn news in this area, to be constantly up to date with the latest developments. Video tutorials about computers and modern technologies using Internet, and also to be in the know The latest events from the world of IT.


free manual
More than 10.000 free instructions in Russian.

More than 10.000 free instructions in Russian.
Everything is clear and simple. Choose a manufacturer from the list and on the go.


Instructions for the transition to HTTPS.


Instructions to medicines.


Buying a car.

News, articles, test drives about new (and not only) cars.
All major automobile exhibitions are covered, some of them are announced in the timeline format (online reporting).

The site also contains the most important information for drivers: instructions, references, a table of fines and traffic rules.

Buying and selling a car.
We set the price range, a new, used, brand (any brand) ...
It's simple. Search not only for ads, here you can search for new cars.