Scope of what is permitted

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Scope of what is permitted

Some types of redevelopment can be done without permission, other works require agreement or are completely prohibited.

To perform the following works, you do not need to get permission and notify about the made redevelopment

  • Cosmetic repair of premises;
  • The device or disassembly of built-in furniture: cabinets, mezzanines;
  • Replacement of engineering equipment with a similar one (without permutation);
  • Rearrangement of household electric stoves within the kitchen;
  • Installation of antennas, protective nets and air conditioners on the facades of apartment buildings;
  • Arrangement of self-closing or "revolving" doors without changing external dimensions of premises;
  • Change of materials and plastics of exterior structures, balconies and loggias;
  • Rearrangement of heating and gas appliances, if additional networks are not needed;
  • Replacing the carpentry elements of the building facade {with changing the picture).

The applicant shall notify the authorized technical registration authority in writing of the completion of the work and readiness to perform the delivery of the completed work

  • Rearrangement of sanitary devices within the boundaries of toilets, bathrooms, kitchens;
  • Completion of doorways in non-curtain walls;
  • Glazing of loggias and balconies for standard projects;
  • Eliminate or change the shape of the tambours without increasing their external dimensions;
  • Arrangement of partitions without increasing loads on floors;
  • Dismantling (full, partial) non-load partitions (excluding inter-apartment);
  • Arrangement of openings in non-load bearing partitions (excluding inter-apartment partitions).

The project of redevelopment can be performed by the author of the project at home or any project organization that has a certificate of admission to such work

  • Device of floors;
  • Works affecting the architectural appearance of the facade;
  • Arrangement or transfer of latrines and bathrooms;
  • Works related to gas;
  • Association of loggias with living quarters.

Disallowed categorically

  • Installation of loggias and terraces on the second and higher floors;
  • Arrangement of the gapless openings between living rooms and gasified kitchens;
  • Disturbance of strength of load-carrying structures of a building;
  • Combining the gasified space with the living room;
  • Deterioration of the operating conditions of the house, including the difficulty of access to utilities;
  • Reorganization of premises, which will make them unfit for habitation;
  • Carrying out works affecting the appearance of buildings (for objects of cultural heritage);
  • Elimination, reduction of the cross-section of natural ventilation channels;
  • Transfer of radiators connected to the central heating system, to loggias, balconies and verandas;
  • Installation of heated floors from general domestic hot water or heating systems;
  • The device is punched in horizontal seams, wall panels and slabs for placing electrical wiring and pipes;
  • Translation of technical sub-fields into basements. Redevelopment of attic and technical floor.

Documents for obtaining permission to reorganize or reschedule

  • Application for redevelopment;
  • Title documents for the premises;
  • Project of reorganization and (or) redevelopment of premises;
  • Technical passport of the dwelling (apartment);
  • The consent of all members of the employer's family (if the apartment is in social family).

Order and Terms of Delivery

  • For the objects of cultural heritage, the project of adaptation for modern use is provided;
  • You can hand in a package of documents in Moscow to the "one-stop shop" of Moszhilinspektsii or the Multifunctional Center for the provision of public services.