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  1. - Karma Stream - A site with beautiful interiors of rooms, kitchens, houses.


Online magazine interesting interiors from Poster-Rambler.

When the project is a serious service, you can expect stability and development from it. The site is really good. Professional photos, good taste. If you want to furnish a new apartment or refresh the old one, you will like it.

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The goal is to help create an atmosphere of comfort and harmony around them, and the design of the apartment was made functional and organic.

The basic design and decor techniques are accessible and understandable. Here are collected the recommendations of the best designers, so that you, applying them in practice, can fulfill your dream - to create a beautiful, comfortable and ergonomic house that will be your family’s favorite place.

Advice of specialists in landscape design will help to equip a functional place to relax in the courtyard, where you can enjoy nature and relax with loved ones.

A collection of inspirational photos will serve as a piggy bank of ideas and direct your thoughts in the right direction.

To create a spectacular design is not necessary large cash costs or spacious room. The main thing - the desire, inspiration, time and access to our resource. And remember that simplicity and modern design trends complement each other.


Check how amazing the inside of some houses look.
It can give us an idea of how to equip your home.