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Unauthorized redevelopment
redevelopment without the permission of the IMC for redevelopment or in violation of the redevelopment project.

Redevelopment project
regulates the execution of work on redevelopment, prepared in accordance with the established procedure by an authorized design organization that has an admission to work on the preparation of project documentation.

Room remodeling
installation, replacement or transfer of utilities, sanitation, electrical or other equipment requiring modification in the technical passport of the dwelling.

Legitimate redevelopment
give the unauthorized redevelopment status legal. It is possible only in a judicial procedure, with observance of normative and technical legal acts.

Technical datasheet of the dwelling
a document containing technical and other information about the living quarters, related to ensuring the compliance of living quarters with the established requirements. The technical passport is the documentary basis for maintaining the Unified State Register of Capital Construction Facilities.

dismantling, moving or installing walls, windows, doors, openings; Installation of equipment and other changes in the room.

Author's supervision
the authors of the project provide everything they need for implementation in accuracy, respectively, conceived.

Architectural Project
documentation for construction, with all options for architectural solutions that take into account technical, fire and sanitary aspects.

architectural and planning management.

The Hidden Work Act
a binding document, necessary when signing the act of acceptance of redevelopment. It is made after acceptance of works by the customer, contractor and author's supervision. The accepted document entitles to further work.

Design project
the package of documents is developed before the beginning of redevelopment.

initiators of redevelopment.

Red Lines
deviations from the originally approved layout.

interdepartmental commissions that deal with re-planning.

an organization that deals with housing issues in Moscow.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations should approve the redevelopment project.

the replacement or transfer of any equipment, for example pipes or power. Equipment is not walls, windows, doors ... but all that is inside the walls.

changing the destination of the room, expanding or narrowing rooms, changing technical equipment, moving doors, windows and partitions.

Legal documentation
a package of documents allowing to establish the rights of the owner. Based on the level of rights, the level of permitted re-planning is determined.
Permit documentation
documents for processing documents for permission to reconstruct a building.

Working Documentation
documents developed by a licensed project organization.

Reconstructive work
work on the redevelopment of buildings and structures, aimed at improving the operating premises.

building norms and rules.

Sanitary rules and norms.

Sanitary-epidemiological station.

Technical Data Sheet of BTI
a document with all the technical characteristics of the apartment. Issued to the Technical Inventory Bureau.

Technical Statement
the document allowing or forbidding to carry out re-planning or re-equipment.

gospozhnadzor management.

Residential building manager
the person guarding or managing the house, which monitors the exploitation in accordance with the norms.

center of state epidemiological supervision.

Rescheduling Order
the document allowing to begin work on re-planning.

Sketch of redevelopment
the document allowing to make re-planning on the simplified model.

Premise Explanation
explanation on the project of redevelopment of the premises of various symbols, such as: the quantity or quality of the room, its technical characteristics and so on. Explication is usually presented in the form of a table containing data on the total area of ​​the room, as well as its individual parts. The table also usually shows the symbols of the premises, as well as a sketch.