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Study English via movies

Zero Dollar Movie

Collection of 15,000 movies that are available on YouTube for free.
The site indexes only full-length films and no trailers, rentals or partial uploads.
The site is Indian, because there will be a lot of films in Indian.

Film English

A selection of shorts + lesson plans for them for all levels of study.
The last lesson, for example, is devoted to the British short film "Upside Down", nominated for this year's Oscar. To scroll through the movie, scroll down.

Film Education

A lot of movies (choosing movies, which is important, there are films familiar to us.
We look and listen.


The best Russian-language resource, where there are all serials and films with subtitles and the possibility of online translation.


The creators of the "English attack" saw young people from 13 to 25 as their target audience.
And so they decided to apply the principle of learning through entertainment. Most of the materials here are based on popular music videos, fragments from blockbusters and hit TV series, casual games. In addition, to create the necessary language environment, the functionality that is characteristic of social services is used: wiki, chat, friends lists, personal messages, etc.

Both the teachers and users participate in the content filling in the site. But, of course, we should remember that this service can not be considered as the main means of training, rather, it is a pleasant and useful addition to something more solid.

LearnEnglish Teens Entertainment

Funny articles about movies and film reviews from the British Council.