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Learning words

The downloaded dictionary.
The Twitter format allows you to quickly and easily get new words.


Cards for learning about 200 languages.
Mobile version allows you to have always at hand.

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The site helps in the beginning of learning a foreign language, when it is too early for you to switch to language practice.

In addition, the site has a dictionary of the most important words that can be conveniently memorized.These words are not many, but without them, in any case, can not do.


  1. Latvian,
  2. Russian,
  3. German,
  4. Italian,
  5. Polish,
  6. Turkish,
  7. Czech,
  8. Azerbaijani,
  9. Spanish,
  10. French,
  11. Lithuanian,
  12. Arabic,
  13. Greek,
  14. Portuguese,
  15. Swedish,
  16. Chinese.