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Podcasts in English

Effortless English

MP3 audio lessons developed on the basis of the TPRS system, forum, community. The "Effortless English" method (Effortless - effortless, easy) uses the best world developments in the field of learning foreign languages ​​from the best experts.

The order of learning

  1. Listening to the Vocab, where the author reads the text, explains in detail the meaning of all new words and expressions. This makes listening easy. No need to stop recording. The texts themselves are quite original (for example, about a cat that weighs 117 kg!) Like all the explanations.
  2. Listening to Mini-Stories (Mini-Stories), where the author asks questions on the previously heard Story. They are interesting questions, the answers to which are unknown and require assumptions. For this, the author introduces new original data about the heroes of the story.
  3. If necessary, you can see the text version of the Stories.

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Podcasts are in plain American. This is international English, which differs from what is taught in schools and universities.
They study British English in universities, the dialect spoken by the queen.

Podcasts are not artisanal, recorded through a microphone from a web camera. Obviously, a good microphone was used, a well-prepared text, a good announcer, who not only has a good diction, but also reads expressively, separating every word so that foreigners can understand it.