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Video chatting

Google Meet -
Video communication service, which has been put in a separate service from Google Hangout.

Video communication service, which has been put in a separate service from Google Hangouts.

  • Video conferences up to 100 participants,
  • works via browser and Android app,
  • real-time subtitles,
  • meetings are limited to 60 minutes.

Tinychat -
The tool of collective communication in real time.

A tool for collective communication in real time.
TinyChat allows you to create a room in which several users can communicate. The service works without any registration and the need for additional configuration. Having opened the main page of the service, the user will see an invitation to create a chat. After confirming the creation of the chat room, the user will receive a unique short address, for example,, where you can access the chat. This address can be sent to other participants of the online meeting. To start communication, just open this address in the browser.

  • The ability to insert
  • Share to friends
  • Communicate in HQ as ($15 per month)
  • Share files
  • Ban List
  • Conference Record ($15 per month)
  • Developer API

Cisco Webex Meetings -

This is more a tool for conducting online seminars - webinars.
There is a presenter who can connect or disconnect all of the sound from everyone, leaving only at home, and at the end turn it on to listen to a response or applause.

Very convenient. You can see up to 6 participants. You can turn on your webcam to see the rest of you, or turn off.
You can send a text message to everyone, or someone to one.


The ability to use the presentation. There will be excellent quality even at low Internet speeds.


  • MS PowerPoint,
  • Macromedia Flash,
  • any other formats (video, audio, images, documents).
Allows you to easily solve various tasks:
  • to edit documents together;
  • Translate the actions performed on your computer to other participants (very useful in cases where it is important to show the work of an application or a sequence of actions and result);
  • To discuss separate fragments both in chat mode and with the help of voice functions;
  • Broadcast video and sound.
At any time during the presentation, WebEx allows you to find out who is connected to the presentation at the moment, and the controls allow the organizer to transfer control of the presentation to the one whose active participation is needed at the moment.
In addition, at any time part of the presentation or all of it can be completely recorded as separate snapshots or fragments of video on the hard disk of any of the participants.
Any applications or files can be added to the presentation in order for any participant to be free to participate in the overall work.

Of the minuses, I note pay and not always able to configure a good sound.

Zoom -
Video conferencing platform, popular in the USA (more than 500 000 organizations).

Video conferencing platform, popular in the USA (more than 500 000 organizations).
Keeps in touch with a large number of participants.

  • Platforms: web, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS.
  • Up to 100 participants.
  • Conference duration: up to 40 minutes.
  • Sharing photos and files from Google Drive, Dropbox or Box.Send text, images and audio from mobile and desktop.
  • Screen demonstration.
  • Conference recording.
  • File sending function: is.
  • Support service.

UberConference -
Conference call.

Conference call.

For most people, audio conferencing starts with the awkward process of searching and entering incoming numbers and pin codes. UberConference rethinks the conference with web and smartphone interfaces, which make it very easy to have a productive meeting.

The application makes it easy to start a conference call.
One-click calls and schedule calls by simply selecting contacts and time.
No PIN code for the organizer.
I know who's on call and who's talking.
Participant controls: mute, hangs.
Watch LinkedIn, Facebook profiles of the contestants.

  • Platforms: Web, Android, iOS.
  • About 10 participants.
  • Length: up to 45 minutes.
  • Screenshow.
  • Conference recording: audio.
  • No sending files.
  • Support service.
  • No sending files.

FreeСonference -
Conference call, there's a free version.

Conference call, there's a free version.

  • Platforms: web, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS.
  • To 5 participants.
  • Conference duration: up to 12 hours.
  • Screen demonstration.
  • Conference recording is not supported.
  • Support service is available.

Jitsi -
Internet telephony and chat.

Internet telephony and chat.
The project is executed in Java with open source code.

The program also allows making video calls and provides file transfer. There is a possibility to transfer images from the screen.

  • Platforms: web, Android, iOS.
  • Screen demonstration.
  • The number of participants is limited only by server and line load.
  • Conference recording.
  • Function of sending files: no.
  • Support service.

ezTalks -
Conference communication with exchange of documents, video, audio and ...

Conference communication with exchange of documents, video, audio and ...

  • Platforms: web, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS.
  • To 100 participants.
  • Conference duration: up to 40 minutes.
  • Screen demonstration.
  • Record conversation locally on device.
  • Send files only on mobile devices.
  • Support service.

Discord -
Free messenger with VoIP and video conferencing support.

Free messenger with VoIP and video conferencing support.

The application can organize voice conferences with channel settings and work on the principle of push-to-talk, create public and private chats to exchange text messages.
The program has a browser version, the difference from the desktop version is that the push-to-talk mode works only if the tab with the application is active in the browser.

When the Streamer mode is enabled, all personal information is hidden, sounds and notifications to the desktop are muted.

  • Platforms: web, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS.
  • Down to 10 participants.
  • Screen demonstration.
  • Conference recording is not supported.
  • File sending function.
  • Support service

Facebook Messenger -
Messaging, voice and video calls, group video chats, voice and video messages.

Messaging, voice and video calls, group video chats, voice and video messages.
Free of charge and without restrictions.

Send messages to your friends on Facebook, wherever they are, without sharing phone numbers in advance.
Chat and exchange voice messages with great sound quality on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

  • Platforms: web, Windows, Android, iOS.
  • Up to 50 participants
  • Screen demonstration.
  • Conference recording is not supported.
  • File sending function.
  • Support service: no.

Facebook Messenger -
Messenger from Facebook.

Messenger from Facebook, rather than on Facebook, though, and put in a separate application.
First looked that the reason for the launch of the messenger as a separate app due to too heavy weight application Facebook, which is bad for the phone (it's not a full-fledged computer, the application needs to be compact).

In fact, the reason is somewhat different. If social networks were mostly ribbon, becomes today the main chat connection with someone, a group of ...
And after the advent of bots, the popularity of the instant messengers has grown. Because there was a separate site app. But it is still linked to Facebook and all contacts in there.

And often times just need the link and the link is maximally free and fast, why not at least make a separate icon to go to Facebook on the tape to find out how to get into messenger. Just click another icon appeared and we were there.

WhatsApp -
Messengers to the smartphone.

Free messaging via the Internet.

In addition to basic messaging WhatsApp users can create groups, send each other unlimited messages, photos, audio and video files up to 2 Gb.
Photos and videos will be stored on your phone, so do not abuse.

Messenger Yandex.

Web version

Messenger Yandex.

  • text chat,
  • video calls to mobiles and computers,
  • conferences,
  • send voice messages - they will turn into text themselves,
  • channels, create and subscribe.

Wire -
Secure instant messenger.

Secure messenger from Wire Swiss.
Free, no ads, encrypted end-to-end (that is, encrypted me on the phone, and stands for you, nor on the server).
Good sound, video, and group chats.
Built-in YouTube, Vimeo clips, Spotify, SoundCloud tracks.
Group chats with up to 128 participants.

Viber -
Messengers to the smartphone.

Perhaps the best program for free calls on the phone or computer, excellent sound.

More than 200 million users.
Just set on the phone, enter your number, he sends himself an SMS, and is activated. No usernames, your username is your phone number, it simplifies adding users.
the Program scans your address book and adds to the list of those who have Viber. So you know whom to call.

you can Call not only Viber, but also to regular phones. The cost of calls to mobile and landline phones it is possible to learn here. Just enter the country and obtain information. Website in English, the country entered in English.

Japanese messenger.

Japanese messenger messaging, calls and video calls via the Internet.
you Can call and chat from your computer or smartphone.
Supported group chat.
in addition to calls, and there is a chat message, making LINE mobile social network.
There are paid features, games, photo editor other applications.
LINE App used by over 290 million people in 231 countries.

MapCam -
We call and we communicate with the casual interlocutor somewhere in the world.

We call and we communicate with the casual interlocutor somewhere in the world.

Free calls from your smartphone and browser.

Free calls from your smartphone and in your browser.

Create a video call and send the participants an invitation link.

  • Create call.
  • Schedule.
  • Free.
  • Participation without registration.
  • Sign in via link.
  • Up to 100 participants.
  • Without installing the app.
  • No time constraints.
  • Screen Show.
  • Integrate with Mail and Calendar.

Create a Call Link

Click Create call", check that you can be heard and seen.

Send the link to your conversation partners

Throw it in a messenger or send it by mail.

Wait for contacts

The call will start when you and your interlocutors click on the link.
Call everyone here and now from your browser or smartphone.

Pushed call

Send the invitation now and call when convenient.

Call from Mail

Organize the conversation directly from the letter without distracting from work.

Call from Calendar

Schedule a call together in Calendar and immediately create an appointment with an invitation link - ideal for recurring meetings.

Any user can create a video call.
Invited participants do not need to register and install additional applications.

TamTam -
Odnoklassniki social network messenger.

Odnoklassniki social network messenger.

It is not necessary to have an account at Odnoklassniki.

  • Text chat,
  • group chat,
  • voice messages,
  • sharing photos, music, videos,
  • create channels.

Internet pagers (ICQ)

Of course it is necessary to consider this once the most popular program.
in order to send a message to someone's ICQ address, you have to be and myself on ICQ. And most of our users choose the ICQ service.

in addition to text messaging, ICQ offers:

  • Free SMS from ICQ to mobile phone
  • Free calls from computer to computer (like Skype).
But its review and done, just got one of these (QIP), only without the advertising.

Restream -
Streaming service simultaneously on several platforms.

Streaming service simultaneously on several platforms:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitch
  • Odnoklassniki
  • Steam
  • Tele2
  • Smashcast
  • LinkedIn
  • VK Live
  • Periscope
The service is free, but has a paid premium access with advanced features.

How it works

  1. Click on the Dashboard tab
  2. click the button Add channel
  3. the Streaming settings tab and the copy button in the Stream Key line
  4. go to the tab Broadcasting
  5. select a restreaming site in the Service section
  6. line Server is ignored, let's automatically configure optimally
  7. in Translation key paste the copied value and save
  8. select the required channels for broadcasting
  9. is used.

Restream chat

The ability to connect a single chat for all services in order to have feedback immediately with users from Youtube, Facebook, VK ... and not jump around all these services yourself.

There are applications for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Chatroulette -
Video chat with a stranger.

Anonymous video chat.
in English. If you have a webcam, we begin to communicate with a casual interlocutor.
For English learners, it is convenient to have a regular chat in parallel. Did not hear, wrote. Suddenly the new site, which became popular on the web, was created by the Russian teenager Andrei Ternovsky for 17 years.

This is reported by the New York Times. A seventeen-year-old schoolboy from Moscow himself developed and launched the original Chatroulette service, which allows any user to chat through a webcam with a random stranger.

In recent weeks, the site has gained a lot of popularity in the English-speaking segment of the Network. This project also attracted the attention of Fred Wilson, a well-known venture capitalist, who said he was going to contact Andrew and invite him to come to New York.

"I'm still not sure that we should invest in this project, but I'm sure that I would like to meet this guy. It reminds me of the young entrepreneurs I worked with earlier, "Wilson said.

Skype for TV -
Skype invited users to communicate sitting on their sofas at home in front of TVs.

Skype invited users to communicate sitting on their sofas at home in front of TV sets, which this year and will try to solve with the help of its partners LG and Panasonic, which in turn will put on HDTV cameras. Most of all pleases in this situation personally I support HD webcams for ordinary computer users.

Skype -
Video conferencing up to 50 people.

  1. Free calls to all Skype subscribers,
  2. Calls without registrations,
  3. Free video calls between Skype subscribers,
  4. Free instant messaging.
And not only calls, but arranges conferences, that is, to call several Skype users right away.

By the way, free of charge only with Skype on Skype. It's interesting, but what prevents it from being installed :)?
Calls from Skype to the phone will have to be paid, but much cheaper than with a regular phone.

What is needed for this?

Speakers and a microphone or headphones with a microphone. Personally, I did not like the headphones. It's much more convenient to be free during a conversation.
If you want to be seen, there's also a webcam. By the way, the webcam has a built-in microphone.
So, you probably already have the column, you only need to buy a webcam.
Warning. The microphone should be located behind the speakers to make the sound From the speakers did not go into the microphone, otherwise your interlocutor will hear his echo.
If you have a laptop, then you probably already have a webcam and almost certainly have a microphone.


The site is only partially translated into Russian, but the program is Russified.

Skype versions

  1. Windows
  2. Mac OS X
  3. Linux
  4. Windows Mobile
  5. WiFi phones
  6. Cordless phones
  7. Nokia N800/N810
  8. Skype on 3

Calls without registration

Registration gives you advantages, at least address book and history.
But maybe someone did not open an account, and when it's hot, it's too late, you need to call urgently, you can call and then register.
Or you are not at home, you need to call, and you do not remember your password, you can just call without registration once.
  1. Go to
  2. click "Start a conversation" by scrolling down the page.
  3. Enter your name,
  4. click Continue
  5. send a unique link to everyone you need to chat with.
  6. Clicking on the link, other users will be able to join the conversation.


You can talk By Skype using Bluetooth. The computer must be equipped with such an adapter.
Basically, it's almost the same as using a laptop, only you can walk around the apartment. Using the same microphone and speakers, you can walk around the room.

Symbian smartphone

I use the Fring program (more) for voice communication on Skype, ICQ ...

Windows Mobile: smartphone, PDA and PDA

This platform was as if specially created for Skype, provided that your device supports connection to Wi-Fi networks. "Native" software can be downloaded at the official Skype website. Again, it is recommended to use Wi-Fi with an Internet connection for transmission. Also, please note that if there are no questions with "how to talk" with a smartphone and a communicator, in case of a PDA, look where you have "where to listen" and where to "talk."

Wi-Fi with active transmission Ruthless to the battery, and in Windows Mobile it discharges very quickly.

Skype online -
Skype through the browser without installing additional software.

Skype in browser without installing additional software. If you use Skype on your computer, you quickly navigate to the online version.


  1. does not require installation, does not take system resources, when we do not use it,
  2. if you already have an account, you will already have an address book here, in principle, it's like logging into the program,
  3. it's convenient to use it from someone else's computer, even if the program is not installed on it.


Or rather the advantages of the program before the online version.

We install the software and forgot, it starts with the system, we just use it. And then you need to open the browser and go not a site, otherwise nobody will reach us and lose the meaning of Skype.

Quick video conferences.

Quick video conferences.
There's no time limit.
Join the conversation via the invitation link.

How it works

  1. Go to site so far only through Yandex.Browser and Chrome, do not install anything.
  2. Also works in applications Yandex.disk and Yandex.mail.
  3. Click Create Video Meeting, it is in the center. Give permission to use camera and microphone.
  4. Automatically copy to the clipboard the link to be sent to the participants of the video conference.
It is clear that it is possible to communicate with two people, it is not necessary to dial a group.

VK Messenger -
Voice and text messenger from VKontakte.

Voice and text messenger from VKontakte.

Allows you to make regular text messages, voice communication as well as group messages and create a channel.
Video channel can be watched by subscribers and leave feedback in a text chat while you are on the air.


OK Live -
Create the broadcasts and watch created by others.

Watch the broadcast

We choose a place on the map and see the active points where the translation is currently in progress. Any user can use any language he owns regardless of geographic location. But just as the classmates network is primarily Russian-speaking, almost everywhere we will meet Russian speech.
Depending on the selected section of the map below, the players are available on this map, so it's more convenient to choose.It can be a person who wants to communicate, or maybe an entrepreneur advertising his product or store.
If it's just a person, it's unlikely that he is broadcasting anything, rather he expects communication, you can get acquainted. Unlike the chat roulette, here you can choose the interviewee, seeing it and selecting from others. And if this is your city, you can also agree on a meeting.

Create broadcasts

Create broadcasts from your mobile phone in your profile in Classmates and in groups from the OK Live application.The recording of the broadcast will be available for subsequent viewing by users of OK Live and the social network. Classmates.
The recording will be stored indefinitely, so think what you are showing.

Collect viewers to communicate on the air

OK Live will tell your subscribers that you are live, and will show your broadcast in the "Subscriptions" and "Maps" ribbon. If your live broadcast attracts the attention of the audience, it will automatically appear in the "Popular".
Friends and group members will see new broadcasts in their personal tapes on all screens of the social network of Classmates and will receive additional notifications about the start of live broadcast.


Paltalk -
Video chat.

A global community of video chats created by users.
Do you want to live anonymously in a policy chat room (are you Trump or Biden's team?)?
About sports, lifestyle, health, singing karaoke or just relaxing.
Get rid of boredom, make new friends from around the world.
Make strangers your new friend, safe from your home.

Online service for organizing fast online meetings.

Audio and video conferences by phone or via the Internet (VoIP).
Share your screen with participants, while using audio and video.
You can zoom in and see the details of each discussion - even on the phone.

You can join a meeting, call or video conference instantly from anywhere in the world. Just enter the meeting code and you will be on the same page, even if you are hundreds of miles away.


  1. Chatting with all participants simultaneously or individually
  2. Increase and decrease the overall screen,
  3. See who visits
  4. Meeting lock for added security
  5. Meeting schedule right from the app.

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