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Job search

Manpower -
Job Search in Norway.
Job Search in Norway.
Recognition of education.
Adecco Norge -
Job Search in Norway.

Job Search in Norway.

The site is in Norwegian, but for job seekers there is a special section in English.

Portfolio designer.

Portfolio designer.
Everything is free.

  • create a fully customizable personal portfolio site, with your logo and no ads on the pages.
  • upload large, high-quality, and uncompressed images to your portfolio.
  • Change the layout of the portfolio to your taste, or choose a suitable layout.
  • Keep a blog.
  • Use your own domain.
  • Download not only images but also flash movies, Insert video.
  • view the statistics of visits to the portfolio and the rating of your work.
  • communicate with other users of the site and evaluate their work In a portfolio.
  • If you have jobs that you for some reason do not have the right to display in your portfolio, but want to give links to certain people, then there is a hidden section of the portfolio for that.
Devport -
Create your developer portfolio.

Create your developer portfolio.

Reputation 2.0 -
Protection of reputation.

Protection of reputation.
In fact, this site for $10 a month finds a lot of information about you on the network. He is looking not only in open sources, but also where registration is required. You will know about this, at least know, and maybe clean up something.

Why is this necessary?

Increasingly, employers before taking a staff member to work, check it through Internet: Is there no nude photo, no Whether participated in any political movements, did not hooligan it? ...

If you once did nonsense, it's not so easy to cleanse yourself. This service helps in this.

Search on social networks.

Search for people from Yandex.
In fact, here you search for accounts on the main social networks.

You can not only be found, but you can also help group your accounts on different social networks through Yandex, social profiles.
You can immediately allow or disallow this information.
There is no permission by default.

Delete profile from search results

Remove public profile from public access

Privacy settings can be changed to on the corresponding page of the VK settings.

Remove the Facebook profile from public access

To close the profile, go to Facebook page Privacy Settings and go to the 'Applications and Websites' section. Opposite the item "Open search" is the link 'Change settings'.
Click on this link and uncheck the "Enable open search" check box on the opened page.

Remove classmates from public access

To close the profile on Odnoklassniki go to the settings page (
Go to the 'Publicity settings' section (if you want a flexible publicity setting and the ability to prevent search engines from indexing a profile, leaving it visible to Internet users) or 'Close profile' (if you want your profile to be visible only to users And configure the required settings.

Create Professional Resumes -
Craft your better résumé.

This tool helps you create professional-looking resumes that are designed to help you land more interviews.

Jobbnorge -
Verification of job seekers qualifications in health care.

Verification of job seekers qualifications in health care.

Joberate -
The service allows an employer to know if his employee looking for a job.

The service allows the employer to find out if his employee is looking for work.
And as a consequence in advance to look for a replacement.
The service not only informs that this employee is looking for work, but also how actively he does it and how many.

Employment and Social Security of Norway.

Employment and Social Security of Norway.

You can call the phone number around the clock.
Work in St. Petersburg.

Service for accurate and fast job search and recruitment, one of the leaders in the online recruitment market.
The main goal of the project is to provide recruitment and job search services in different cities of Russia.

Every day, employers and applicants publish on our site several thousand of their vacancies and resumes. Now on about 200 000 vacancies and more than 10 000 000 resumes are posted.

The project is focused on all professional groups of applicants - the site presents mass positions, vacancies of specialists, middle managers, as well as top managers. Direct employers and recruitment agencies offer a huge selection of resumes of specialists in various fields.

The goal is to provide applicants with only reliable jobs, and for employers only the best specialists.

To prevent duplication, spam and publication of dubious offers on, strict posting rules apply.
The quality of the base of vacancies and resume of the portal is monitored by a spam filter around the clock.

Workfrom -
Search remote job.

Search remote job.

The goal is to create a social, professional and economic infrastructure for people and teams who work remotely.

Indeed -
Leading the job search site in the world, more than 200 million visitors a month from 60 countries.

Leading the job search site in the world, more than 200 million visitors a month from 60 countries. Company Indeed is extremely interested in finding the right candidate for each job. Indeed it helps companies of any size to find the most talented professionals and offers job seekers the opportunity to find a job.

Work in Russia
State database of vacancies.

All-Russian bank of vacancies, information on the situation on the labor market.
You can login through the registration on the site of the State Service.

Search for employment options for citizens.
Finding employees for employers. State job search site. It is done decently, there are mobile applications.
Therefore the site will work stably and there will be a good base of vacancies.

If not found, fill out the resume and wait. You never know where you find the one job that you want.

On the site you can also:

  1. Assess the standard of living in the region by key indicators, such as the availability of housing and social facilities, the average wage.
  2. Get information on investment projects and regional employment promotion programs.
  3. To get acquainted with the statistics on the labor market by regions.
  4. Find the nearest employment center, get contact information about it.


Base of vacancies.

The largest database of vacancies.

Work, resume and vacancies.
Daily on the job search site and staff HeadHunter are looking for work and employees of more than 300 thousand visitors. For applicants, the HeadHunter website ( allows you to find work in Moscow, regions and abroad.
Search for work by parameters and by companies
Special section for young professionals to find a job.
A qualitative database of resume and vacancies and the best services for finding work and personnel.

HeadHunter: We work to make you work!

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