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Rostrud -
State database of vacancies.

Federal Service for Labor and Employment.
Official website.

Documents, information, projects, territorial bodies.
Everything that should be on the modern official website.

We Work Remotely -
A lot of IT vacancies for remote work. Of course, there are regular vacancies with full employment. The design is simple and straightforward.

Employment and Social Security of Norway.

Employment and Social Security of Norway.

You can call the phone number around the clock.

Search Jobs.

Job search.

  • Issuance of vacancies according to your geographic location (Yandex determines where you are and offers relevant vacancies for your region, which you can change if you want),
  • Yandex.Catalog sites are offered by subject:
    1. Jobs and Resume
    2. Employment Agencies
    3. Work Abroad
    4. Temporary and Remote
    5. Human Resource Management
    6. Work for Students
    7. Recruitment of Home Staff
  • You can add a job.

Jobbnorge -
Verification of job seekers qualifications in health care.

Verification of job seekers qualifications in health care.

Jobspresso -
A database of remote job vacancies of all kinds from online to work at home.

TotalJobs -
Job search sites in the UK.

A job search site in the UK.
Google's map is used.

Attendance is about 3 million a month.

Workfrom -
Search remote job.

Search remote job.

The goal is to create a social, professional and economic infrastructure for people and teams who work remotely.

Manpower -
Job Search in Norway.

Recognition of education.

PowerToFly -
The purpose of the site is that women help women to return to work after a decree or another kind of break.

The purpose of the site is that women help women to return to work after a decree or another kind of break.
The site has a database of vacancies from employers who understand who to encounter.
Registration is complicated, but then we will not waste time on unnecessary interviews.
A trial period of 2-4 weeks of the test period is provided to find out how suitable this job is for you.

Google -
When requesting "work near" or "driver vacancy" gives vacancies from different sites.

VK job
Jobs in Russia.

Create Professional Resumes -
Craft your better résumé.

This tool helps you create professional-looking resumes that are designed to help you land more interviews.

RemoteOK -
Site of different kinds of vacancies. The simplest navigation: the search form and the list.

Work in Russia
State database of vacancies.

All-Russian bank of vacancies, information on the situation on the labor market.
You can login through the registration on the site of the State Service.

Search for employment options for citizens.
Finding employees for employers. State job search site. It is done decently, there are mobile applications.
Therefore the site will work stably and there will be a good base of vacancies.

If not found, fill out the resume and wait. You never know where you find the one job that you want.

On the site you can also:

  1. Assess the standard of living in the region by key indicators, such as the availability of housing and social facilities, the average wage.
  2. Get information on investment projects and regional employment promotion programs.
  3. To get acquainted with the statistics on the labor market by regions.
  4. Find the nearest employment center, get contact information about it.

Indeed -
Leading the job search site in the world, more than 200 million visitors a month from 60 countries.

Leading the job search site in the world, more than 200 million visitors a month from 60 countries. Company Indeed is extremely interested in finding the right candidate for each job. Indeed it helps companies of any size to find the most talented professionals and offers job seekers the opportunity to find a job.

Adecco Norge -
Job Search in Norway.

Job Search in Norway.

The site is in Norwegian, but for job seekers there is a special section in English.

Dribbble Jobs -
Remote work for designers: graphic, UX, UI, grocery, web designers and front-end designers.

Remote work for designers: graphic, UX, UI, grocery, web designers and front-end designers. Here is an impressive list of very serious companies that used to publish their vacancies, including Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Yelp and Tumblr.
Work in St. Petersburg.

Service for accurate and fast job search and recruitment, one of the leaders in the online recruitment market.
The main goal of the project is to provide recruitment and job search services in different cities of Russia.

Every day, employers and applicants publish on our site several thousand of their vacancies and resumes. Now on about 200 000 vacancies and more than 10 000 000 resumes are posted.

The project is focused on all professional groups of applicants - the site presents mass positions, vacancies of specialists, middle managers, as well as top managers. Direct employers and recruitment agencies offer a huge selection of resumes of specialists in various fields.

The goal is to provide applicants with only reliable jobs, and for employers only the best specialists.

To prevent duplication, spam and publication of dubious offers on, strict posting rules apply.
The quality of the base of vacancies and resume of the portal is monitored by a spam filter around the clock.
Vacancies near the house or at home.

Vacancies near the house or at home.

We create or transfer resumes from another site in a minute.
It's easy to respond to vacancies with a resume! Follow the prompts to edit and bring your resume to perfection.
Without a resume you can only call your employers, but directly from the application.

Job Search Filters:

  • by salary,
  • work schedule,
  • type of employment,
  • work experience,
  • education,
  • the size of the company.
Send feedback on the vacancies that you liked.
More feedback - more chances to find a job sooner. And don't forget the short accompanying message for each employer - will tell you how to write it correctly.

Arrange for a job interview in the chat applicationKeep in touch with your employers, and instant notifications will not let you miss a single invitation.

Job Search in Norway.

Civil service
State database of vacancies.

Portal for those wishing to get a job on the budget.


  • formation of a full-fledged information resource on civil service issues,
  • creating a single system of personnel monitoring,
  • forming a database on vacancies in the civil service,
  • ensuring Opportunities for citizens of Russia who are interested in entering the state civil service, to provide information about themselves, which will be available to the personnel services of state bodies.

Main sections

  • About the civil service - texts of normative legal acts in the field of state civil service (searchable), information-analytical and statistical materials On this topic.
  • News - important events about the work and development of the state Civil service and appointments to key civil service posts.
    About education - about HEIs training specialists in the field of state and municipal government and their educational programs.
  • Vacancies - about the vacant positions of the state civil service. Search for vacancies you are interested in and it is possible to get acquainted with the data on the vacant position of the state civil service: the level of the monetary maintenance, the location of the state body, the official time, the qualification requirements for the vacant position, etc. You can fill out a questionnaire that will be available to the staff of the personnel services of state bodies. To fill out the form you will have to register.


Krop -
Allows you to create a portfolio as an additional function; However, the main goal of Krop - to find you this creative dream, which you always wanted.

The site allows you to create your portfolio as an additional feature; however, Krop’s main purpose is finding you that creative dream job you’ve always wanted.
In the job listings, you will find company names such as Google, Tesla...

Design and Design -
Packaging design for inspiration and discovery.

This design page focuses specifically on graphic design, product, and package design, making it a great place for inspiration and discovery.
Design and Design also offers great opportunities to find work on its Job List.

AIGA Design Jobs -
Professional organization, strictly focused on designers: product, graphics, freelance staff and much more!

AIGA is a professional organization strictly oriented to designers: product, graphic, freelance, and more!
The filter lets you choose the type of work you want to browse.
You can enter your locations or search the listing by entering your own keywords.

Design Jobs Board -
Thanks to the minimal design, this hiring page is easy to see and understand.

With its minimal design, this hiring page is easy to browse and understand.
Design Jobs Board has a beautiful design, simple color palette, and accessible information.
Work varies from full-time to freelancing positions, and location.

Design Observer -
Design Observer is an online design-oriented magazine (plus its job listings!)

Design Observer is an online magazine focused in design (plus it has a job listing!) Here you will find work for freelancers, juniors, executives, interns, and more.
This service offers a search option by location, position, or keyword.

Stack Jobs -
Stack Jobs focuses on a specific niche: web design and development.

Site focuses on a specific niche: web design and development.
This minimalistic site is quite simple, in that you can search for candidates, apply for jobs, and filter by job title and location.
You can also find a job that matches your personal experience.

Guru -

Smashing Jobs -
Every day for more than 4 million users.

Reaching over 4 million users each month, Smashing Magazine proves it’s a well-known and regarded magazine for designers and creatives.
Additionally, this site is a resource for designers and programmers, specifically because of its job listing here.

iFreelance -

Design Week Jobs -
Design Week is another well-known online magazine about design.

Design Week is another well-known, online magazine about design.
This magazine seeks to empower designers and developers alike, specifically by offering creative news and a job board.
This job board allows you to choose how far from home you would

If You Could Jobs -
If You Could Jobs boasts a simplified platform that allows you to focus on finding a creative dream.

If You Could Jobs boasts a simplistic platform that lets you focus on finding your dream creative job.
Order the listing by date submitted or application deadline, and choose your job position by location, company, or salary.

Monster -
The common Monster platform can also help you find a position in the design niche.

Monster’s general platform can also assist you in finding a position in the design niche.
Not only does Monster provide great tips for current and future success, but its user-friendly filter easily transports you to Creative Design positions.

Coroflot -
Coroflot specializes in finding talents for design companies, and also provides opportunities for the prosperity of artists.

Coroflot specializes in finding talent for design companies as well as providing opportunities for flourishing artists. Artists can post their portfolios and browse the Job Board. Searches within the board are specialized by company, keyword, location.

Creative Hotlist -
Use this design and creative platform to publish your resume, apply for a job or both!

Use this designer and creative oriented platform to post your resume, apply for a job, or both! You will find everything you need in one place. Search the job positions by entering your desired location, company, or job title, then filter your search by city.

Creativepool -
Creativepool, as its namesake describes, is a platform that is full of creative people who share their content.

Creativepool as its namesake describes - a platform that is full of creative people that share their content.
Creativepool’s Job List hosts more than 500 job offerings for graphic designers, UX designers.

For a payment for work that is suitable for ads, check the DSGN JBS.

For a job board that caters to creatives, check out DSGN JBS.
This board gathers listings from all over the Internet in one clean interface. If you’ve been searching for a comprehensive list of the best designer jobs, you just found it!

PeoplePerHour -

Upwork -
You can easily become a freelancer and find your first client.

Many designers worldwide make income freelancing.
If you are one of the many freelancers or would like to become one, Upwork is just the place for you.
You can easily become a freelancer and find your first client!
Here you will also find freelancers who develop, program, write, and design.

Freelancer -
The world's largest outsourcing market.

The largest outsourcing market in the world.
Probably because Paypal has become fully functional for Russians.

Just go in, register, indicate our abilities and based on the specified you will receive an email regularly with applications that might interest you. You choose what you are interested in and wait for you to choose.

Well, the main advantage is that payment passes through this service, so that it is guaranteed to you.

Authentic Jobs -
Authentic jobs are an excellent platform for any creativity.

Authentic Jobs is a great platform for any creative. Whether you’re a designer, hacker, art director, UX developer or any other creative in the web design space, you’ll be able to utilize their platform. On the site you’ll find full-time, part-time.

FWA Jobs -
The Council for Work with FWA includes a good balance of design and development positions throughout the world.

FWA’s job board includes a good balance of design and development positions throughout the world.

Startupers -
Focused on designers and developers, startuppers give you the opportunity to work on starting or filling up a startup!

Also focused on designers and developers, Startupers gives you a chance to work for a startup OR fill your startup with startupers!
Upload your resume and apply for a position.
You can also use the filter to search available positions.


Google job -
Work in Google. Of course, you need to be fluent in English, so there is no point in making a Russian version of the site.

Apple job -
Jobs at Apple.

Yandex vacancies
Work in Yandex, training, training.

Facebook job -
Work on Facebook. Something is written about the philosophy of Facebook.

Rambler job
Jobs on projects Rambler. job
Work in Group, internship.

VK job
Work in VK.

Odnoklassniki job
Work in Odnoklassniki, filters, choose those programming languages ​​that we own.

Microsoft job -
Jobs at Microsoft.


Habr Career
A platform for job and employee search in the IT industry.

A platform for job and employee search in the IT industry.

We come in and immediately see that there are about 1,000 vacancies, for which about 140,000 job seekers are applying. We get 140 people per place.
Probably that's why Sberbank (hundreds of vacancies), Beeline, Megafon, Tinkoff like this place for search of specialists...

It's not that bad, though. The service grew out of the social network where these people were registered.
I was also registered, but I'm not a job seeker and I don't claim anything.
Therefore, the number of applicants is very high and simply used for advertising purposes.


PayScale -
If you are negotiating for a salary or asking for an increase, PayScale will be the best source of data, where you can find out which positions are paid in different areas.

If you are negotiating for a salary or asking for an increase, PayScale will be the best source of data, where you can find out which positions are paid in different areas.


HeadHunter -
Base of vacancies.

The largest database of vacancies.

Work, resume and vacancies.
Daily on the job search site and staff HeadHunter are looking for work and employees of more than 300 thousand visitors. For applicants, the HeadHunter website ( allows you to find work in Moscow, regions and abroad.
Search for work by parameters and by companies
Special section for young professionals to find a job.
A qualitative database of resume and vacancies and the best services for finding work and personnel.

HeadHunter: We work to make you work!

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