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Civil service

Civil service
State database of vacancies.

Portal for those wishing to get a job on the budget.


  • formation of a full-fledged information resource on civil service issues,
  • creating a single system of personnel monitoring,
  • forming a database on vacancies in the civil service,
  • ensuring Opportunities for citizens of Russia who are interested in entering the state civil service, to provide information about themselves, which will be available to the personnel services of state bodies.

Main sections

  • About the civil service - texts of normative legal acts in the field of state civil service (searchable), information-analytical and statistical materials On this topic.
  • News - important events about the work and development of the state Civil service and appointments to key civil service posts.
    About education - about HEIs training specialists in the field of state and municipal government and their educational programs.
  • Vacancies - about the vacant positions of the state civil service. Search for vacancies you are interested in and it is possible to get acquainted with the data on the vacant position of the state civil service: the level of the monetary maintenance, the location of the state body, the official time, the qualification requirements for the vacant position, etc. You can fill out a questionnaire that will be available to the staff of the personnel services of state bodies. To fill out the form you will have to register.
SIS Housing and Communal Services
State information system of housing and communal services.

State information system of housing and communal services
The site allows you to pay for utility services, learn about debts, subsidies, benefits.
You can somehow find out what makes up the cost of utility services: standards, registers.
Legislation on housing: the Housing Code of the Russian Federation and ...

Not everyone can figure this out for this there is a training video and forum.

Housing reform
Civil service social.

Fund to promote reform of housing and communal services.

While users can try to find out how much they have to pay and who they are responsible for utilities.

But basically a site for utilities. They must register, provide information so that everything is transparent.

Twitter Account Verification -
Civil service social.

The program for verification of accounts started in 2010 and soon after the start it was closed due to a large number of applications. Twitter simply does not have enough resources to continue checking all accounts. In this regard, verification now occurs only in a manual mode, mostly public and Twitter partners and advertising companies receive verification.

The verified (authentic) account looks like this:

Townhall -
Privacy Policy and politics.

Site of politicians, about politics ... podcasts, blogs, videos ...

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