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Where to go to rest for months? Beach.

Information about the most popular countries that tourists choose for a beach, sightseeing holiday, as well as for a ski holiday at different times of the year.

Descriptions of the most interesting sights, addresses of visa centers, tables of distances between cities and brief phrasebooks.

From the points presented on the site, you can create and publish your own travel itineraries, leaving detailed descriptions and reviews along the way.

Free search for details of organizations in Russia.

Free search for details of organizations in Russia.

Information about companies is collected from open sources and is constantly updated with new companies.

Regular update.

The following information is available for each organization: the full name of the company, its legal address and telephone number, TIN, OGRN, OKATO codes, OKPO, as well as the date of registration of the company and the name of the registering authority that assigned the organization all of the above details.

Pravo.ru - 300.pravo.ru
The law firms rating Pravo.ru.

The law firms rating Pravo.ru.The goal is to increase the transparency of the Russian legal services market.

The rating is actively used by corporate lawyers and representatives of the tender departments of corporations to search and select contractors.

The international auditing company Deloitte is the auditor of the rating for the fifth year in a row.

The rating methodology is based on the assessment of the project experience of law firms, as well as on customer feedback regarding the quality, level of service and the ratio of cost and quality of legal services.

To improve the rating mechanisms, an independent Expert Council has been created, consisting of the heads of legal departments of large Russian and international corporations.

Analysis, optimization and website promotion.

Analysis, optimization and website promotion.

Website Promotion Tools

  1. Site Analysis
  2. Site audit
  3. Anti-plagiarism online
  4. Expansion of the semantic core
  5. Grouping search queries
  6. Evaluate page nausea
  7. Checking server headers
  8. Site Speed ​​Analysis
  9. Affiliated sites
  10. Check for filter spam
  11. Check sites for viruses
  12. Yandex X
  13. Verify site positions
  14. Determine page age
  15. Determining the site’s regionality
  16. Site cost estimate
  17. Get site subdomains
  18. Check domain splicing


  1. WHOIS
  2. Internet speed check
  3. Online password generator
  4. Counting the number of characters
  5. Online transliteration
  6. Visual HTML editor online
  7. Encryption in MD5 and SHA-1
  8. Antispam. Hiding text
  9. Favicon.ico generator
  10. Create HTML and CSS buttons
  11. Check and verify your IP

Top 50
Used data-Yandex Blog Search.

Yandex-search data on blogs is used.
Yandex has nothing to do with ranking the ratings themselves.
You can see a saved copy of the blog.


  • summary
  • under the
  • links under the
  • comments

Rating news
Rating is updated in real time based on the social activity of readers.

The rating is updated in real time, based on the social activity of the readers.

Top blogs.

30 most popular entries of the main bloghostings runet.
The site is executed decently. Everything is simple, accurate and intuitive.


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  • commentators

TOP of popular installation accounts in Russia

Top10.com - top10.com
Top10.com offers hundreds of Top10 shortlists to help you make informed decisions and easily compare your purchasing options online.

Top10.com offers hundreds of Top10 shortlists to help you make informed decisions and easily compare your purchasing options online.
Trusted by millions, our shortlists are enriched with editorial reviews and deep-dive, informational articles - all with the goal of turning your online purchasing decision into a breeze.

  • Top 10 Best Meal Delivery Plans
  • Top 10 Best Online Doctors
  • Top 10 Best Medical Alert Systems
  • Top 10 Best Online Banks
  • Top 10 Best Personal Loan Providers
  • Top 10 Best VPN Services
  • Top 10 Best Online Therapy Services
  • Top 10 Best Dating Sites to Find Love
  • Top 10 Best Weight Loss Plans
  • Top 10 Best Ecommerce Site Builders
  • and much more.

Ramble/top 100
Thematic directory sites Runet.

Old famous site rating. Choose topics and see what is most popular according to their version.

Rating of all universities in Russia.

The goal

is to provide the applicant with everything needed to make an informed decision when choosing a university.

Ranking of Russian universities

In order for applicants to develop a complete picture of the real state of affairs in the field of higher education, the first in Russia ranking of all universities is offered.

This rating is based on a large number of various parameters (which are provided by both institutions and third-party organizations) and thus is completely unbiased.

The only way for universities to change their ranking is to improve the quality of education provided.

Ratings Mail.ru
Statistics and analytics for your site.

The system of statistics for website owners.
Requires the installation of the counter on the pages of the site.

We can

  • estimate the number of views and visits to the site,
  • determine the sources and search terms that brought people to the site, find out which pages of your site are most popular,
  • see if you are achieving the goals you set for attracting people to your site,
  • Statistics about your site may be hidden from outsiders and only known to you, but if you wish you can give them to people you trust.

      Participating in site rankings

      Sites are ranked based on their traffic, divided into thematic categories and subcategories.
      When you register you will be asked to select a category for your site.
      Choosing the right category will ensure the largest influx of audience from the pages of Mail.Ru Rating, as well as help you compare the popularity of your resource with the popularity of competitors' resources.

      If you want, you can opt out of the rating by changing the counter settings.
      This will not affect the collection and display of traffic statistics for your site.

Forbes - forbes.com
The economy of Internet.

Forbes in Russian.
Forbes - the American financial and economic magazine; One of the most authoritative and well-known economic publications in the world. It was founded in 1917 by Bertie Charles Forbes.
Russia became the fifth foreign country in the world where Forbes started publishing his journal.

  1. The first Russian issue of the magazine was published in April 2004.
  2. In 2009, the Forbes site appeared in Russian.

WebMoney Advisor
Dynamics of change of a rating of a site.

Dynamics of changing the site rating

If he has a merchant certificate or higher, then he has something to lose. The fact is that to receive such a certificate the person himself is registered, his name, and if he gets on the blacklist, then not correct it.


Enter WMID or WM purse
If the certificate is anonymous or formal, then the question arises.

Site Rating

Rating and reviews of online programming schools.

Rating and reviews of online programming schools.
The site will help you choose from a variety of school


The base film, rating, ratings, reviews, a base of favorite movies.

Search for movies, since 1890.
News, reviews, the poster of cinemas of large cities. You can buy a ticket.
Wallpapers, photos, posters, trailers. Box office and much more. The site provides information about movies, television series, as well as about all the personalities involved in making films: actors, directors, producers, scriptwriters, operators, etc.

Also on the site Posters, covers, teaser-trailers for films are placed, and KinoSearch itself translates some trailers into Russian. The site has a media base, which includes: photos of stars, frames and posters from films, soundtracks, trailers, wallpapers.
In addition, the site publishes reviews of the film critic Sergei Kudryavtsev from his book "3500 film reviews".

Mobile version - m.kinopoisk.ru


  • Movie news
  • interviews with the stars
  • photo reports
  • schedule of sessions
  • schedule of future film premieres and DVD releases
  • TV program
  • games and contests for film fans
  • movie ratings
  • Fees in the Russian Federation, USA and the world
  • DVD and Blu-ray catalogs
  • archive of awards and awards.

Social Network Features

The site features broad social networking opportunities, a community of website users is formed. Users have the opportunity to write reviews of films, put ratings, participate in surveys, create their lists of films and stars, receive personal recommendations, book movie tickets, exchange messages, add each other to Friends, read a tape of friends, subscribe to updates To the movies.
The site also has a forum. Based on user ratings to films, a rating of "250 best films" is formed.