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Sherlock Holmes -
Sherlock Holmes Museum online.

Sherlock Holmes Museum online.
It is good that there is a Russian version of the site. It is known the time (1881-1904) and the place of life of the great detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson - London, Baker Street, 221.
The English created a museum where they recreated the atmosphere of that time.
Not behind the latest trends, his administration made sure that the site had access to the panoramas of its halls, and also posted a 10-minute video about this sights of the British capital.

sherlock holmes

City of David -
Virtual travel around Israel.

The City of David.
The history of the City of David began more than 3,000 years ago when King David left the city of Hebron in order to move to a small town on the top of the hill, now known as Jerusalem, and turn it into the united capital of all the tribes of Israel. After years, the son of David, Solomon, built near the City of David The first temple on the top of Mount Moria - in the place where Abraham at his time was going to sacrifice his Isaac son to the Lord. So the summit of the hill became one of the most important places in the world.

The history of the City of David continues today. In the thickness of the land of the City of David, some of the most exciting finds of the ancient world are revealed. On the surface of the same city is full of life - the Tourist Center invites numerous visitors to an unforgettable tour of the places where many of the biblical legends were written.

The tour of the City of David begins with a spectacular panorama that returns the visitor to 3.800 years ago, at the time of the forefather Abraham, when the foundations of the city were laid. Soon after, the path leads to the ground, where the most recent archaeological excavations are conducted. Here, with the knowledge of the recently excavated fortresses and passages, the siege and capture by David of the ancient city of the Jebusites come to life in the imagination of visitors, as described in the Bible, in the 2nd Book of Samuel (2 Kings). The underground excursion ends at the Gihon Key, which was the most important water source of Jerusalem for more than a thousand years - here, according to the description in the Book of Kings, Solomon was anointed for the kingdom. Visitors from among more adventurous people can arm themselves with lanterns and travel along the source through a tunnel dug 2,700 years ago under King Hezekiah (Hezekiah) - one of the wonders of the engineering art of antiquity.

On a tour of the City of David, the visitor meets face to face with Biblical characters and places. Thus, it becomes the only place on the planet where the only required guidebook is the Bible itself.

Jerusalem Temple (Wikipedia)

Virtual tour of the Wailing Wall -
Virtual tour of the crying wall.

Virtual tour of the wall of crying.
In fact, the map and video.
You can immediately send a note to the wall of crying.

Virtual Museums -
Museums of the world virtually.

Museums of the world virtually.
One enthusiast has gathered the world's museums in one place. Or rather, collects, there's a way to add.
Museums can be searched on the map and then get to sites where you can make a virtual tour.

During the coronvirus there was a need to diversify the leisure time without leaving home.
Therefore, more and more museums began to offer virtual visits, excursions.
And those that already offered such an opportunity, often it was as if advertising, limited. Now they are trying to make the virtual visit as comprehensive as possible.

Version Museum -
The Version Museum is dedicated to demonstrating the visual history of popular websites, games, applications and operating systems that have shaped our lives.

The Version Museum is dedicated to demonstrating the visual history of popular websites, games, applications and operating systems that have shaped our lives.

Just as a walk through a real museum, the Version Museum seeks to illustrate the visual, material elements of different versions of technology, not just the written history behind it.
Wikipedia and other sites are already doing a fantastic job of detailing the history behind sites, applications, and everything else.
This site focuses on noticeable changes over time.
If you have been using a product for a long time, there will probably be some nostalgia when you look at all the previous iterations of this product over the years.

Gallerix -
Virtual museums and galleries around the world.

A large art gallery.
Section All the Hermitage paintings - 100 reproductions in extremely high resolution.

Museums on YouTube -
Created page from the Google project with 17 leading museums of the world, including the Hermitage and the Tretyakov Gallery.

Created a page from the Google project with 17 leading museums around the world, including the Hermitage and the Tretyakov Gallery GoogleArtProject

  1. Frick Collection, New York - USA
  2. Berlin Picture Gallery, Berlin - Germany
  3. Uffizi Gallery, Florence - Italy
  4. The State Museum, Amsterdam - The Netherlands
  5. The Queen's Museum Sofia, Madrid - Spain
  6. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam - Netherlands
  7. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid - Spain
  8. Tate Gallery, London - United Kingdom
  9. Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Modern Art, New York - USA
  10. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York - USA
  11. Freer Art Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, District of Columbia - USA
  12. Kampa Museum, Prague - Czech Republic
  13. National Gallery, London - United Kingdom
  14. The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow - Russia
  15. Versailles Palace - France
  16. The State Hermitage, St. Petersburg - Russia

British museum -
Virtual museums and galleries around the world.

Virtual British Museum.
Well-done site, you can choose a tour for 1 hour or 3.
We will visit the halls Egypt, Japan, Latin America, Asia and Europe is one of the most famous museums in Europe.

British prints
Archives Museum.

British engraving.
The State Museum of Fine Arts. A.S. Pushkin.
Reproductions of hundreds of paintings of the museum. The basis of the catalog is the legacy of two hundred and fifty masters of engraving, including such famous ones as William Hogarth, John Raphael Smith, William Ward, Thomas Rowlandson and James Whistler.
Along with individual sheets, the catalog includes popular satirical and landscape series, compositions dedicated to sports and hunting.
The electronic edition differs a variety and complexity of the structure.
In addition to the famous, often exhibited at the exhibitions of works in it, many remarkable monuments are concentrated, which are published for the first time.
First of all, these are unique albums of engravings of "Antiquities Great Britain", "Cries of London" and "Alphabet". It should also be noted the animalistic compositions of Thomas Landseer, John Frederick Lewis and George Townley Stubbs. The catalog reflects quite fully and consistently the main stages of the development of the British print.
The first half of the 18th century is represented by the works of outstanding British portraitists John Smith I and Isaac Beckett, the moral and moral series of William Hogarth; The second half of the century - engravings of various genres and directions that arose at this time and fell in love with the inhabitants of Great Britain.
William Woollett's landscapes, Valentine Green's portraits, compositions on mythological and religious subjects Francesco Bartolozzi, urban views of Thomas Malthon the Younger - a model of technical and artistic perfection. In these works, traditions and innovative solutions, effective decorativeness and strict classical forms were intertwined.

White House -
Virtual museums and galleries around the world.

Virtual Museum of the White House. is not affiliated with the White House Historical Association or
Click Start the Tour

In principle, not bad, only to see a long time done, Because the design of yesterday, as well as the functional. It's good to refresh.
You can see what's inside the White House, a 3D image of the Oval Office.
Sights, tours of the world.

Sights, tours of the world.

Choose a country and get a list of cities that are worth visiting. Against the city is the number of attractions.

And you can choose not by city, but by topics of interest to us, for example. Botanical gardens, Cathedrals, Fountains, Clubs ...

The most basic information on the country is indicated - capital, population, area, currency, rate.

Virtual Museum of Russian Art Yuri Traysmana -

Virtual Museum of Russian Art by Yuri Traisman.

Engraving in Russia
Archives Museum.

The electronic catalog "Engraving in Russia XVIII - the first half of the XIX century."
State Museum of Fine Arts. A.S. Pushkin.
Reproductions of hundreds of paintings of the museum.

The catalog is the first attempt of electronic systematization of the collection.
It is planned to make about six hundred works of printed graphics created by famous Russian and foreign artists in Russia for a century and a half made in various techniques.
The basis of the catalog is engraved portraits of famous figures of their time and members of imperial families. The catalog is provided with reference books and a convenient search, sections of the catalog contain biographical information about the authors of engravings and persons depicted in portraits, a description of performance techniques, styles of art, genres.

The electronic catalog is designed for a wide range of users interested in the history of Russia of the New Time, its culture, fine art in general and the art of printed graph ki in particular.

The State Hermitage Museum -
The main museum of Russia has a website that allows you to learn about special events - exhibitions, buy a ticket or souvenirs.

The main museum of Russia has a website that allows you to learn about special events - exhibitions, buy a ticket or souvenirs.

  1. Total area - 233,345 square meters. m
  2. Works of art and applied art - 1 013 653
  3. Monuments to numismatics - 1 125 623
  4. Other exhibits - 212,775
  5. Archaeological sites - 784 395
  6. Weapons - 13 982
The museum is very large, in fact, this is a group of museums. The site will help to navigate and plan which part you will be most interested in visiting or from which to start, depends on your preferences and time.

GULAG History Museum -
The official website of the Gulag Museum.

The official website of the Gulag Museum.

On the site you can find out what to expect from visiting the museum, where it is located, contacts.
However, if you do not have the opportunity to visit Moscow, the site has a lot of important information.

The Dead Sea Scrolls by Google -
About 5000 photographs of manuscripts of high-resolution Qumran scrolls.

About 5000 photographs of manuscripts of high-resolution Qumran scrolls and comments.

Tretyakov Gallery On Yandex.Maps -
Yandex.Maps made 400 panoramas of all the halls of the Tretyakov Gallery, open to visitors.

Yandex.Panorama made 400 panoramas of all halls of the Tretyakov Gallery, open to visitors.

All high-resolution pictures can be brought closer and viewed in detail.

Navigating the halls through Yandex.Maps.

About the Tretyakov Gallery briefly

According to Yandex, the Tretyakov Gallery is one of the most popular museums among Russian users.

The Tretyakov Gallery in Lavrushinsky Lane: Russian Art Masterpieces of the 11th Century - Early 20th Century.
Lavrushinsky Lane, 10

New Tretyakov Gallery: Twentieth Century Art Masterpieces and Current Trends I’m of the XXI century and temporary exhibitions
Krymsky Val, 10

Engineering Building: temporary exhibitions
Lavrushinsky Lane, 12

Opening hours:

Monday - closed Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday - 10:00 - 18:00 (entrance until 17:00)
Thursday, Friday, Saturday - 10:00 - 21:00 (entrance until 20:00)

Ticket price: 500 rubles, discounted - 250 rubles. Up to 18 years old - free.
There are free days for certain expositions.

Tickets purchased not in the Tretyakov Gallery are not valid.

Art UK -
BBC and painting.

The BBC has digitized more than 100,000 paintings from the state museums of Great Britain. This is a large part of the national collection of paintings, which is planned to be put on Internet in 2012.

In total, the British national collection of about 200 thousand oil paintings, of which, for example, 2,3 thousand paintings are stored in the London National Gallery. The site notes that the collection covers a 700-year period, and the collection includes both paintings by the greatest artists of the history of art, and the work of thousands of less famous artists.

Some of the latest on the site were laid out paintings by Edgar Degas, Joshua Reynolds, Rubens, Riley Bridget and others. The portal Your Paintings was launched in June 2011. At the moment on the site are available for viewing the works of about 23 thousand authors.

Naval Museum on Yandex.Maps -
In modern Russia there is no national Gulag Museum.

The Central Naval Museum is one of the oldest museums in Russia and one of the largest maritime museums in the world.

Navigation through the halls through Yandex.Maps.

Google Cultural Institute -
World files.

Here you can find historical documents: manuscripts, letters, photographs, videos about important events of 1905 - 2008.

Other Google archival projects

In collaboration with organizations from around the world, Google demonstrates to users works of world art, Christmas and Dead Sea Scrolls.


Admire the wonders of the modern and ancient world

Art project

World art on your screen

Yad Vashem

Documents on the Holocaust

Dead Sea Scrolls

Digitizing Biblical Manuscripts

Nelson Mandela's Memory Center

Nelson Mandela's Legacy on Internet

Versailles in 3D

Look at the three-dimensional copies of the Versailles Palace at different times

Arsenal Pavilion

Paris in 2020 on the huge display Liquid Galaxy

Relief maps of France

France of the XVII century in Google Earth.


  • Exhibitions,
  • catalog of museums, galleries, antique salons,
  • auctions,
  • festivals,
  • film shows,
  • master classes,
  • calendar of major exhibitions and auctions in Moscow, as well as events involving Russian art all over the world,
  • objective, detailed and conveniently structured information about art museums, exhibition centers, Funds, auction houses, galleries and antique salons Moscow,
  • art map of the center of Moscow.

Informal Landmarks -
Small attractions.

Informal notes - interesting places and unusual monuments that are not mentioned in the guidebooks.
Let's say you go to St. Petersburg, and you are offered the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, Petrodvorets. So what? And then we do not know about them, they probably already visited more than once. Most likely again we will visit, when will be in St. Petersburg.
But I would like something else.
After all, there are well-known informal monuments and sights in the world. Say, a memorial clip, cat ... We also have this, but in official guides about them nothing.

Or say, in my city did not stop Peter I or Pushkin. But still there is something. And if a person came to us on a business trip, I would like to see something, somewhere to be photographed.

The purpose of the site is to collect such kind of attractions.

Russian Museums
Card Index of Russian museums and sites.

Portal "Museums of Russia": a file of Russian museums and museum sites; Interactive maps of museum objects; News server; Catalog of links to foreign museum sites and much more.

Israel Museum -
The main exhibits are scrolls of the dead sea.

The main exhibits are scrolls of the dead sea. As can be seen in the photo below, the design of the building of the museum itself is made in the form of a clay vessel cover in which the scrolls were kept.

With the assistance of Google, 5 online scrolls, including the most extant - the prophet Isaiah, became available. Very conveniently done, in the form of a scroll, which you can scroll, zoom in and see on the scale in which place of the scroll you are. We'll move the mouse over the scroll, the verse will be highlighted, and in the clue there is a place in the Bible, with a click on the translation into English.

Thanks to the skillful work of photographer Ardon Bar-Hama, even the smallest details are visible on them. The resolution of the photos is 1200 megapixels, which is 200 times higher than the quality of a normal picture.
With this resolution, you will see how thin the animal skin on which it is written is just one tenth of a millimeter.

This is a digital scroll.

Israeli Museum
Museum building
Israeli Museum
The territory of the museum

Dead Sea Scrolls
Dead Sea Scrolls

World museums
World museums and paintings by famous artists.

World museums and paintings by famous artists.

The site will help you to get acquainted with the museums of the world.

You will learn the features, the best works, what where to look.
This site will help you decide where to go or prepare for a trip to Paris or St. Petersburg ...

About Kremlin children
Information sites for children.

President of Russia - citizens of school age.

President's website for children. There is a version on Flash.

We choose a conductor and travel, learning about the president, the Kremlin, Russia.
Information about Constitution, history ... In general, the site is about the state of Russia and its device in the language of children.

Peterhof, by state museum-reserve -

Peterhof, the state museum-reserve.
Official site.
Very decent site. Here you will find all you need - prices, how to get there, history, calendar of events. I must say that the entrance fee is paid only in the summer, when fountains work.

Smithsonian institution -
Virtual museums and galleries around the world.

Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC - USA
3-D Museum of the Smithsonian Institution.
On the Institute's website, you can see the exhibits in 3D: twist, approximate.
The quality is high, only sometimes you need to wait to Loaded.

Rijksmuseum -
National Museum of the Netherlands.

The State Museum of the Netherlands is the main museum of Netherlands.
Digitized 125 thousand works and posted on Internet. The exhibits are presented in good quality, for example, the painting by Jan Vermeer "The Love Letter" ("De Liefdesbrief", 1669) is available for downloading in the size of 2068 by 2400 pixels with a resolution of 300 dots per inch and a color depth of 24 bits.
The user who downloads pictures, agrees not to use the images for commercial purposes.
However, each of them can be purchased for commercial use in even better quality.

According to the director of the collections of the State Museum, Taco Dibbitts, who gave an interview to The New York Times, the refusal to protect digital images was dictated The fact that most of the exhibits are in the public domain, and it is still too difficult to trace the violation of rights on Internet.
"So let people work better with the digitized picture of Milkmaid Vermeer in good quality from the museum's website than with a bad copy," he said. According to DiBittz, the museum plans to digitize each year additionally 40 thousand exhibits from the nearly million meeting of the Rijksmuseum.

Expedia -
Information sites about tourism, travel.

Tourist portal in Europe.
If dreams of a European city have already completely taken possession of you, be aware that through Internet you can order everything - up to city tours and tickets to museums. Go to the site, type in the search box and the name of the city in Latin, press r - and before you open an extensive excursion program.
You will only choose a date range and make payment.


Conserve the sound
Sounds of devices that are out of use.

Sounds of devices that are out of use.
You can select by photos, turn on the sound and listen.
Some devices we used before, some we see for the first time.
And some today look more modern and have a completely different sound.
You can remember youth.


Virtual Gulag Online Museum -
Information about Gulags, people's testimonies, household items, panorama, 3D tour.

The specific of the map is that it shows not only the Gulags, but also the places from where people who were sitting in the Gulag were from.

The site was created by Czechs and concerns primarily prisoners from other countries, primarily Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungary.
That is, it opens a little-known page of the Gulag.

Here you can find information about Gulags, people's testimonies, household items, panorama, 3D tour.


Google Arts & Culture -
Gigapixel photo paintings.
Online access to exhibits from 1200 museums, galleries and other organizations in 70 countries.

Virtual tours to museums around the world.

Google launched the project in conjunction with 17 leading museums around the world, including the Tretyakov Gallery and the Hermitage (now more than a hundred museums, including a tour of the White House):

  1. Old National Gallery, Berlin - Germany
  2. Freer Art Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC - USA
  3. Frick Collection, New York - USA
  4. Berlin Picture Gallery, Berlin - Germany
  5. Metropolitan Museum, New York - USA
  6. Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Modern Art, New York - USA
  7. Queen Sofia Museum, Mad Spain
  8. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid - Spain
  9. Kampa Museum, Prague - Czech Republic
  10. National Gallery, London - United Kingdom
  11. Versailles Palace - France
  12. State Museum, Amsterdam - Netherlands
  13. The State Hermitage, St. Petersburg - Russia
  14. The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow - Russia
  15. The Tate Gallery, London - United Kingdom
  16. The Uffizi Gallery, Florence - Italy
  17. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam - The Netherlands
  • 17,000 paintings,
  • 600,000 graphic works,
  • more than 12,000 sculptures,
  • 300,000 hand-made articles,
  • 700,000 archaeological values ​​
  • and 1,000,000 numismatic values.
You can walk around the museums on the principle of Streetview on Google Maps. Or watch separately pictures in very high resolution, up to 7000 megapixels. That is, you can enjoy the whole picture or bring it closer, such as an eye or a button.

Online access to exhibits from 1200 museums, galleries and other organizations in 70 countries.


  1. Zoom in: view the exhibits in detail
  2. Virtual Reality Mode: use Google Cardboard glasses to immerse yourself deeper into the world of art.
  3. Search for artifacts by creation time and colors.
  4. Virtual tours: visit famous museums and get acquainted with world sights.
  5. Create collections: add your favorite works of art in your own collections and share them with your friends.
  6. Search for museums and cultural events near you
  7. Exhibitions: browse through exhibits selected by experts
  8. Daily reports: learn new things every time the application is launched.
  9. Recognition of exhibits: get information about works of art by pointing the camera on them, even without an Internet connection (available in some museums).
  10. Notifications: subscribe to popular news from the world of art and culture.

Finding a portrait

Finds our twins on works of art.

A VPN connection is required. We recommend Turbo VPN.

Works on face recognition and neural networks. Provides a number of options and indicates the level of similarity. There is an amazing similarity, but there are also ridiculous jambs.

While the function is available in the US, we recommend using VPN. On iOS, turn off the current Apple ID, geolocation, change the language to English and the region to the USA, set up a new Apple ID and include VPN and Arts & Culture.


International Organization for Museums.


The Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum -
The official website of the Moscow Kremlin: history and monuments, tours, exhibitions and concerts in the Kremlin.

The Kremlin is not just a museum, but a group of museums.

The site will help you navigate and determine exactly what you are most interested in visiting.
You can see the exhibitions calendar, buy tickets.

And material. Not every day we are in Moscow, but here you can see something in the photo and video.

In short, this is the official and full-fledged site of the Moscow Kremlin.


Russian apocryphal studio
Here you can read information on the scrolls.


Save the Sounds -
Technical Sound of Noise.

Museum of Endangered Sounds - a museum under the threat of extinction of sounds.
Just on the page of the picture, click and hear the sound of the image.


Paris Musées -
Pictures of paintings and other vintage exhibits from several French museums.