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There are specificities of buying clothes:
  1. it must be measured,
  2. It must be touched.
These are obvious facts.

In different countries, the sizes are different. Yes there is a scale, but ... We know that we are even very well aware of our size, we must measure. My acquaintances buy clothes in European shops, there are kept standards, like nowhere else. But and there, not infrequently our friends are forced to give someone things that have not come up.

So, CLOTHING TO BE DETAINED is an obvious fact.

My friends gave things more because, they did not fit. They just did not like them. There is a difference, as a thing looks to the site and how it looks on the business itself. Yes and just a thing can come up or hang on you, like on a hanger.

The fabric itself may look different.
The site has many photos of how clothes looked to the site and how it looks on the customer after purchase.
The site may look good, especially in Chinese stores. But in fact, it's a thin cheap fabric.

So, CLOTHING IS NEEDED TO LOSE - an obvious fact.

There are sites that solve this problem. Or the thing you like and nothing, if I ever miss, is still cheaper than ours.
More option, if a friend of ours has bought and we liked, we can immediately order ourselves.
And as a last resort, consult on the Internet.


  1. - Adidas - Clothes, shoes and accessories.
  2. - Bonprix - Clothes, shoes and accessories.
  3. - - Clothes, shoes and accessories.
  4. - Rendez-Vous - Clothes, shoes and accessories.
  5. - - Clothes, shoes and accessories.


The Swedish clothing retail chain.
A decent quality at a reasonable price.
The first thing that catches your eye when you visit a store - and each group of products hangs one price tag. That is, based on our budget, we choose where to look for a product.

The store sells primarily clothes, but also something for small things for the house - cushions, textiles ... well, you can see everything on the site.

The site has a table of sizes for women, men, children.


Delivery by courier SPSR express in Russia - 199 rubles.
Delivery time 2-25 days, depending on the distance (and for some regions and weather conditions, there will be a delay in non-flying).
Mail delivery to Russia - 99 rubles. But it will be much longer.

Many could visit this store in St. Petersburg or Scandinavia and then find the opportunity to order through someone. Now it can be done officially through the official website.


cash on delivery;
cash on receipt of order;
by credit card upon receipt of the order.

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Russian - Englesh

reliable site



Italian online store.
Exclusive collections of footwear and clothes of leading Italian brands.
Pass sales, discounts up to 90%.
The delivery is free 2-3 weeks.

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Urban Outfitters

American online store. Here you can buy clothes and shoes, there are many brands.
On the site you will see that this is not a boutique, but a hypermarket where you can buy not only clothes. There is electronics and goods for home.
There is a section with cheap things from $20.

Delivery to Russia.
Payment, as usual in the west - plastic cards and PayPal.

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Leading Chinese online store.
There is a Russian interface, it seems that no longer machine translation, and quality, which is nice.

You can find good things on the site at a low price.
From the shortcomings:

  • can not be tried, unlike our Wildberries,
  • long delivery.
As for the quality, today everything is all the same in China, and the Chinese quality has greatly risen. So the quality is not worse than in our stores. But cheaper, and even much cheaper, which is nice.

Say I bought a smartphone, it was cheaper almost twice than we have. Nicely. In addition, we are still trying to impose something: a cover, a protective film ...
I also came with a smartphone with a neatly pasted protective film, nothing above paid.

The site requires registration, which is understandable: Somewhere you need to watch your purchases, specify the delivery address and do not do it every time. In addition, they have a social site, where you can brag about your purchases and see what others are buying. Text is small, a lot of photos. It's easy and nice to watch.


Cash on the Mail of Russia, as well as in one of the salons of Svyaznoy or Euroset
Specify the mobile number where the payment code with a validity period of 2 days will arrive.

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Store for clothes and shoes.
The idea is to sell branded things at great discounts.

Handbags, costume jewelry, women's dresses, jackets, sneakers, children's clothing and much more - all at up to 90% discount.

Notifications of promotions and sales.

Women's and men's clothing: not only premium brands, but also sports brands (Adidas, New Balance, Nike, Reebok) and popular stores (Zara, H&M, Mango, Stradivarius).

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Favorable orders of any goods from China through the application.

This is not a store, but an intermediary between the stores and the buyer, like AliExpress, I take from Sberbank and Yandex and others. also decided to get his piece of cake from online trading and created his service.

While the service is raw, not everything goes as stated.

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Логотип сайта WildberriesWildberries
additional url:


Online clothing store.
Also has issuing points in many Russian cities.
  1. We order a couple of sizes of clothes to measure and then choose what will suit.
  2. upon arrival of the goods we visit the issuance point, in which there is a fitting room, as in the store,
  3. measure clothes, if it suits us, we pay.
It is possible and will receive an order for a house. Everything will be the same: payment after fitting. The truth will have to pay for the delivery.

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Internet shop of clothes, shoes and accessories. One of the leading in Russia.

Ability to search by picture. Let's say you liked any style, you ask for a search on the carinka and you will be offered similar options.

Lamoda Express

The store has Lamoda Express delivery service in 66 cities of Russia:
  1. Abakan,
  2. Arkhangelsk,
  3. Astrakhan,
  4. Balashikha,
  5. Barnaul,
  6. Belgorod,
  7. Blagoveshchensk,
  8. Bryansk,
  9. Veliky Novgorod,
  10. Vidnoe,
  11. Vladivostok,
  12. Vladikavkaz,
  13. Vladimir,
  14. Volgograd,
  15. Vologda,
  16. Voronezh,
  17. Dmitrov,
  18. Dolgoprudny,
  19. Domodedovo,
  20. Yekaterinburg,
  21. Yekaterinburg,
  22. Izhevsk,
  23. Irkutsk,
  24. Yoshkar-Ola,
  25. Kazan,
  26. Kaliningrad,
  27. Kaluga,
  28. Kemerovo,
  29. Kirov,
  30. Kolomna,
  31. Korolev,
  32. Kostroma,
  33. Krasnogorsk,
  34. Krasnodar,
  35. Krasnoyarsk,
  36. Kurgan,
  37. Kursk,
  38. Lipetsk,
  39. Lyubertsy,
  40. Magnitogorsk,
  41. Maikop,
  42. Makhachkala,
  43. Moscow,
  44. Murmansk,
  45. Naberezhnye Chelny,
  46. Nalchik,
  47. Nizhnevartovsk,
  48. Nizhny Novgorod,
  49. Nizhny Tagil,
  50. Novokuznetsk,
  51. Novorossiysk,
  52. Novosibirsk,
  53. Noginsk,
  54. Norilsk,
  55. Odintsovo,
  56. Omsk,
  57. Orel,
  58. Orenburg,
  59. Orekhovo-Zuevo,
  60. Penza,
  61. Perm,
  62. Petrozavodsk,
  63. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky,
  64. Podolsk,
  65. Pskov,
  66. Pushkino,
  67. Pyatigorsk,
  68. Ramenskoye,
  69. Reutov,
  70. Rostov-on-Don,
  71. Ryazan,
  72. Salekhard,
  73. Samara,
  74. St. Petersburg,
  75. Saratov,
  76. Saransk,
  77. Sevastopol,
  78. Sergiev Posad,
  79. Simferopol,
  80. Smolensk,
  81. Sochi,
  82. Stavropol,
  83. Surgut,
  84. Syktyvkar,
  85. Taganrog,
  86. Tambov,
  87. Tver,
  88. Togliatti,
  89. Tomsk,
  90. Tula,
  91. Tyumen,
  92. Ulan-Ude,
  93. Ulyanovsk,
  94. Ufa,
  95. Ukhta,
  96. Khabarovsk Khanty-Mansiysk,
  97. Khimki,
  98. Cheboksary,
  99. Chelyabinsk,
  100. Cherepovets,
  101. Cherkessk,
  102. Chekhov,
  103. Chita,
  104. Shchelkovo,
  105. Elektrostal,
  106. Elista,
  107. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk,
  108. Yakutsk,
  109. Yalta,
  110. Yaroslavl.
Delivery time is 1-2 days. Delivery is free.

There is an opportunity to try on (and therefore refuse) and pay by cash or bank card to the courier.

Rest of Russia

The rest of Russia's cities take longer to deliver.
The delivery is free of charge when ordering from 3 500 rubles or by prepayment.


You can return the goods within 14 days of purchase. You can return the goods both with the courier before payment of the order, and by mail or at one of the points of issue of orders in Moscow.

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Great American shop. Selling clothes, accessories and bags, bed linen, dishes, etc ...
That is, it is a hypermarket in the US such as Auchan.
Here you can buy primarily American brands.
Pass sales, discounts up to 20%.

Delivery to Russia is paid. Depends on what we take and where we live.

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La Redoute

French online store.
First of all, French clothes and shoes for women, men and children.
Decent collections for complete.

Delivery from France 3-4 weeks. At the post office, in large cities courier service or self-delivery.

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reliable site

tel.: +1 (925) 359-2579
address: USA

Abercrombie & Fitch

American online store and manufacturer of clothes for adults and children.
Sells ordinary clothes for everyday life.
Clothes simple, stylish, personally I like such clothes, not in Africa we live.

Delivery in Russia when buying goods for $40 by FedEx.
Payment - plastic cards and PayPal.


Woolmark store: clothes made of cotton, wool and cashmere.
Cardigans, sweaters and pullovers, vests and vests, yarn of British wool, cashmere, silk and cotton, knitwear.

Delivery in Russia 2-4 weeks.


Online fashion store: fur coats, sheepskin coats, leather jackets and accessories.

Pickup from the point of issue of orders for products from a group of textiles is available in 16 cities of Russia.

M&Co (Mackays Stores Limited)

Scottish chain of shops.
Selling budget clothing for women, men and children, household goods.
Scotland is not London for you, normal people live here, not models, so there are clothes for normal women, and not just for standard ones.
Normal people of different height and fullness.

Payment by card or Paypal.

Russian - Englesh

reliable site

Owner: Amazon

tel.: +1 (608) 270-39-30
address: USA


The American online store sells many brands: Nina Ricci, DKNY, Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, Clayton and ...
Here the same goods will be cheaper than ours, but definitely without fakes.
Delivery is usually within a week, the delivery can be tracked.

The site has a Russian version, so it is focused on Russia. And belongs to Amazon, which adds reliability.

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Marks & Spencer

Famous British online store.
Sells clothes, cosmetics, gifts, underwear.
The prices are quite acceptable.
Delivery to Russia is not for everything. For each product you need to clarify. Shipping cost ~ 600

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American Eagle Outfitters

American shop everyday practical clothes for men and women, underwear.
Jeans, T-shirts, sweaters are simple, but in American style and modern.
Delivery to Russia with USPS Express, the price is $50.
Payment - plastic cards and PayPal.

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It is one of the three most popular Chinese stores.

Goods are generally cheaper than on Aliexpress, but shipping is expensive. Therefore, it is better to compare the final price. By the way, goods can be even more expensive.

In competition with Ali, quality suffers, there are unscrupulous sellers.


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Fur Hat World

American store of fur products.
Caps, fur coats, sheepskin coats, jackets with fur trim, scarves and gloves, fur shoes.
The main fur of a rabbit or raccoon. That is, not expensive fur.

Delivery to Russia by UPS mail (from $38), USPS (from $8).
Payment - plastic cards and PayPal.


A site like Aliexpress, a huge choise of goods, you can find much cheaper than on Aliexpress - competition.
However Aliexpress has a biiger choice of goods.

The site looks lighter and easier to work with.

Ways of payment

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British women's clothing store.
First of all, these are outfits, a lot of beautiful inexpensive dresses, fashionable shoes, jewelry and bags, headgear
Sale to $20.

Delivery in Russia.
Payment - plastic cards and PayPal.

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American store of teenage clothes.
T-shirts, sweatshirts with original pattern.
Accessories for teens: cases for smartphones, laptop bags ...

Delivery in Russia to Moscow 10 days. $9 for 1-3 T-shirts.


Large Danish online store.
The shop represents set of brands from Europe and the USA, Scandinavia is certainly well represented.
Things here will be cheaper than we have for similar products.
The delivery from Poland is free during the week of the whole of Russia, you can pay in cash upon receipt.


American online store. A distinctive feature is that indies and vintage items from around the world are sold here.
But also here you can buy and ordinary clothes, shoes, bags and something for the house.

You liked the vintage dress, but how will it

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The name can be translated as "get dressed for less money."
So it is, the store buys illiquid from warehouses of different brands and sells cheaply.
Many well-known brands: DIESEL, Calvin Klein, Anna Klein, Armani, Marco Polo, Replay, O'Neill ... Up to 70% off.

There is a Russian version of the site, so it works with Russia.


A popular store from Britain is becoming more popular with us.
You can buy what you need: dresses, coats, knitwear, knitwear, underwear, shoes and accessories.
In the online store you can buy clothes, both your own brand ASOS, and a number of others, for example. New look, French connection, American Apparel, Coast ...
Delivery across Russia is free: to Moscow and St. Petersburg the order goes about 7 days, to other cities - at least 10.

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Blue Inc

British clothing store.
Clothes of an unusual style and bright.
Our life consists not only of gray everyday life.

Youth clothing: Ben Sherman, Police, NY ...

Of course you will find more familiar clothes.

Delivery in Russia ~ £ 10.



Famous British online store.
Sells clothes and shoes of many brands for women, men and children. And also household products.
Regularly seasonal discounts, sales.
You can buy decent things not expensive.

Payment by credit card or PayPal. Mail delivery.