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reliable site

Used: Yandex.Maps.

tel.: 8 800 222-80-00
address: Russia


Delivery service for online stores.

The same as Ulmart, only more than one online store. You can buy in different places, and get in one.

Boxberry has a huge number of points of delivery of goods across the country. If you have no such item in the city, you can open it via site.

On the site you can track the approximate way of movement of your order.

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Sdek market

Electronic trading platform.

SDEC is engaged in delivery all over Russia.
So we decided to make a platform for sellers.
The base is already quite extensive.

When ordering above 3000 rubles, delivery across Russia is free.
Payment upon receipt of goods at the offices of SDEC or courier (cash or card).

Return without giving reasons within 7 days.
When returning it is important to pack back as it was.


Leading Chinese online store.
There is a Russian interface, it seems that no longer machine translation, and quality, which is nice.

You can find good things on the site at a low price.
From the shortcomings:

  • can not be tried, unlike our Wildberries,
  • long delivery.
As for the quality, today everything is all the same in China, and the Chinese quality has greatly risen. So the quality is not worse than in our stores. But cheaper, and even much cheaper, which is nice.

Say I bought a smartphone, it was cheaper almost twice than we have. Nicely. In addition, we are still trying to impose something: a cover, a protective film ...
I also came with a smartphone with a neatly pasted protective film, nothing above paid.

The site requires registration, which is understandable: Somewhere you need to watch your purchases, specify the delivery address and do not do it every time. In addition, they have a social site, where you can brag about your purchases and see what others are buying. Text is small, a lot of photos. It's easy and nice to watch.


Cash on the Mail of Russia, as well as in one of the salons of Svyaznoy or Euroset
Specify the mobile number where the payment code with a validity period of 2 days will arrive.

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The online platform for finding products from 300 online stores in electronic and home appliances catalogs, household goods, construction and repair, children's products and many others.We are looking for the most favorable prices.
Regular customers bonuses.

Through this site you can arrange the purchase and delivery of goods.

While working in Moscow and the Moscow region.

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The leading store Runet.
Also, like Amazon, began with the sale of books, now the range has greatly expanded.

Big number of goods, law price and fast delivery.
All this puts the shop in first position.


You can pay for the purchase almost all means of payments in the runet:
  1. cash on delivery,
  2. courier,
  3. cashless payment,
  4. postal order,
  5. bank transfer,
  6. with a plastic card,
  7. WebMoney, ЮMoney,
  8. QIWI terminal.

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Логотип сайта WildberriesWildberries
additional url:


Online clothing store.
Also has issuing points in many Russian cities.
  1. We order a couple of sizes of clothes to measure and then choose what will suit.
  2. upon arrival of the goods we visit the issuance point, in which there is a fitting room, as in the store,
  3. measure clothes, if it suits us, we pay.
It is possible and will receive an order for a house. Everything will be the same: payment after fitting. The truth will have to pay for the delivery.

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Yandex Market



Тут все просто и удобно - постаматы.
Пока они не везде, но уже присутствуют много где, даже в небольших городах.

Есть скрытые платежи, как и у СберМаркета. Так что сравнивая цены на Ozon и Wildberies, имейте ввиду.
Обратите внимание, что за доставку надо будет что-то заплатить. Дешевле, чем в СберМаркете, но тем не менее.
Скажем, за доставку в наш город нужно будет заплатить от 50 руб. (в СберМаркете от 200 руб.).

Cамовывоз из пунктов партнёров - 49 ₽
Крупногабаритный заказ - 999 ₽

  • при заказе до 1 499 ₽ - 99 ₽
  • при заказе от 1 499 ₽ - 49 ₽


Картой (Visa, Mastercard, Мир), Apple Pay, Google Pay или наличными.
А некоторые товары можно оформить в кредит.
Сейчас запущена система Сплит - оплата за 4 приема.

Возврат товара

Тут важно обратить внимание, где вы совершали покупку: на Яндекс.Маркете или на сайте магазина.

Если на Яндекс.Маркете, возврат в течении недели.
Если в другом магазине, то смотрите их условия.

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Specialized terminals for the issuance of goods purchased in the online store.

Logistics service of the new generation, delivering online orders through postamats and points of issue.

Postamat is an automated orange terminal that is installed near your home, work or study in a store, supermarket, shopping center.

You get an online order in the postamate yourself at a convenient time for you. To do this, in the interface of the post office you need to specify the order receipt code, which will be sent to your mobile phone or e-mail.

If you do not want to pay for your purchase on the website of the online store, you can do it in a postamat by cash or credit card.

Unsuccessful goods you can return through any PickPoint. It does not matter how it was received: in the post office, via courier, in the postamat or at the point of issue. Specify the return policy on the online store website.

In addition to postamats, all major networks of classic issuing points are connected to PickPoint. Upon receipt of the order, you must inform the issuing point employee the order code from the message from PickPoint on your mobile phone or e-mail.

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