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Repairs, construction

  1. - Stroylandiya - One of the largest network companies on the Russian market of building and finishing materials and household goods.


  1. - OBI - Goods for repair and construction.
  2. - Petrovich - Goods for repair and construction.
  3. - 220 Volt - Goods for repair and construction.
  4. - Akson Quick - Goods for repair and construction.
  5. - Isolux - Goods for repair and construction.
  6. - Electron - Goods for repair and construction.


Online store for heating, water supply and plumbing.

Wholesale and retail sales. The product range allows you to purchase everything you need for the installation of heating, water supply, plumbing and sewage systems.

  • Heating radiators,
  • pumps,
  • towel warmers,
  • tile,
  • boiler equipment,
  • pipes and fittings,
  • plumbing,
  • flooring
  • warm floor,
  • climatic equipment
  • electrician
  • doors,
  • fireworks.

Otdelkino City

Sale of finishing materials.
Dealers more than 300 manufacturers of finishing materials.

The range of online hypermarket more than 500,000 items for decoration and repair. At the moment it is the world's largest selection of products, collected in one store. You will be able to pick up all the necessary materials.

You will receive your order anywhere in Russia. Goods are usually much larger than regular parcels and delivery will not be cheap. We buy only if it is necessary and for 1 time all that is required, so the price will be justified.


Construction and finishing materials for private low-rise, industrial and civil construction.
  1. Supply, installation of roofing, facade and insulation materials;
  2. Supply, installation, service of garage and industrial doors, fencing systems, automation, window designs;
  3. Equipment supply, installation of systems for local wastewater treatment;
  4. Construction and installation services in the market of low-rise cottage and industrial and civil construction;
  5. Construction of houses and the supply of ready house sets;

Online shop of the tool in Russia.
For three years in a row it has been included in the ratings of Forbes magazine: in 2015 it took a place in the twenty most expensive companies of Runet.

The shop is not trying to sell everything you can, but to provide quality services in its niche.


  • by courier,
  • transport company,
  • receipt.
Self-exportation is possible if has a shop in your city.

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Online store of components for repair and construction, decoration and decoration of interior and exterior, furniture manufacturing.

Shops in 50 cities of Russia, in Ukraine and in the Republic of Belarus.

The largest supplier of high-quality components and accessories for the production of windows, doors, double-glazed windows and furniture.


Leading construction portal in Russia.

More than 170 000 genuine exclusive photos of interior design and repair, posted directly by the authors.

Daily interactive publications about home and repairs.

Here you can find a suitable designer or builder according to the catalog, or describe the task to our Auto-Picker robot, who will fairly select some of the most profitable options for YOU using the largest database in Russia. Taking into account your circumstances and wishes, for dozens of parameters and criteria.

Interior design ideas for apartments and houses.
Over 180,000 exclusive photos in HD quality.

Catalog of materials for the repair and decoration
More than 1,750,000 products for repair (bricks, cement, windows and doors, construction tools, parquet, tiles, etc., etc.), a catalog of furniture and household goods with photos and prices, as well as prices for construction, general construction, finishing works and repair services in Moscow, St. Petersburg and throughout Russia.

Construction forum.

Magazine and Personalized tape.

Daily interactive publications about design, building materials and technologies. Personal selection of materials, tailored specifically for your interests.

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