Endangered Languages

Endangered Languages

An international project aimed at preserving dying languages.

There is a Russian language, but in a very small amount.

In our time, the 2nd time in world history there is a single international language (in ancient Rome it was Greek). That in itself is very good. Thanks to a single language and Internet, people are getting closer.
Small nations using English, Spanish, Russian and other common languages can get along with much more literature, get a good education, which simply does not exist in their native language.

So it also has a negative aspect - small languages ​​become unclaimed and die.
Today you can still save and save these languages ​​by documenting them - a dictionary, grammar, audio speech ...
If not done today, Tomorrow many languages ​​will be irretrievable Forgotten.

The site can be seen in the list or on the map, are there any dying languages ​​of small peoples in your region?