Learn Swedish


The base of pronunciation. All swedish words pronounced by the bearers.
Here you will find lots of words in Swedish, all with recorded pronunciations.

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Conversational Swedish, entry level.

250 basic words of Swedish for beginners.

The author is a teacher and therefore he picked up the most important and necessary words for the initial stage in order to start speaking as soon as possible.

Nouns are given with articles, because they are important to remember from the very beginning.
Verbs are given in the present tense, because you can easily form an infinitive yourself, but verb endings in the present tense are often confused.

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Learning Swedish

Learning Swedish is a free online course in Swedish for beginners.
The course gives basic spoken and written knowledge of the Swedish language, as well as insights into Swedish culture and society.

Learning Swedish is divided into three modules.
In the modules you find texts and dialogues, listening comprehension and interactive exercises of different kinds – as well as grammar, a pronunciation guide, a basic word list and a phrase dictionary.
All instructions are given in English.