Ph4 / South Korea / Seoul

Ph4 / South Korea / Seoul

ChungNam National University -

Kwangwoon University -

Korea -
address: 1365-16 Socho 2 Dong Socho Gu, 137-863
Korean Bible Society.

Sejong Korean Vocabulary -
address: 11F~12F, Main Building 22, Banpo-daero, Seocho-gu, (06716)
Free application to learn Korean Sejong dictionary.


Free application to learn Korean Sejong dictionary, developed by the King Sejong Foundation for primary and secondary school students from around the world.

Try to learn basic vocabulary (1700) and intermediate vocabulary (3000), as well as collect word cards (1600) and crop cards (200)

4 languages are supported (Korean, Chinese, English and Spanish).