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Collective designation of a luxurious lifestyle, everything that is usually depicted on the covers of expensive fashion magazines; Proximity to the generally accepted standards of luxury, chic, exterior gloss. As a synonym for glamor for fashion magazines, the slang term gloss is often used.
(fr. comme il faut — as it should be, as it should)
The general meaning of the word is decent. Earlier, the comfil'o meant compliance with the rules of secular society. Nowadays, if someone, wanting to show off, tells you "look comical" - this means that with your appearance at the moment everything is in order. More common is the ironic expression "this is not comme il faut," meaning "it's not very good", "it's dishonest", "it's ugly" (ugly in all senses).


  1. First shopping - you may buy exclusive stuff, something you can't buy in your city.
  2. Recipes.
  3. Information about fashion, pregnancy, health, diet.
  4. Advices, consultations, communications.
  5. Relationships.
  6. Online and offline magazines.


Women's glossy magazine online.
What can there be?
Mutual relations, motherhood, career, how without it?
Cooking, fashion ... shorter decent women's magazine online from those who do it the best.

Women's magazine

Informational and entertaining site WomanJournal.

Here you can find out:

  • what will be born in the next Season;
  • how to treat yourself to dinner as something special (gourmets for joy);
  • Consultants answer questions about their personal lives on the portal.


  • provides an overview of the trendy and Cosmetic novelties;
  • publishes the best articles about love, family and career;
  • collects from the whole world the most entertaining news;
  • arranges various competitions and games;
  • invites to visit your favorite celebrities;
  • represents horoscopes compiled by professional astrologers.


Recipes and horoscopes, family and children, beauty and health, fashion and clothing, facial and hair care, diet and fitness, sex in the life of a woman. Haircuts and hairstyles, make-up and manicure, women's stories and much more.

Search for women, women's sites, women's resources, women's pages, women's Internet, women's catalog.

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  • Indoor plants
  • Culinary tricks
  • Magic
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  • Holidays and gifts
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Articles, recipes, dream book, horoscope, women's magazines, women's sites, beauty, women's health, fashion.

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To my deepest regret, the vast majority of women's websites have terrible design.