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TK Welltex

Sewing online store that supplies products throughout Russia.
39 brand clothing stores operate in 36 cities of the Russian Federation, and their number is constantly growing.

The largest supplier of goods for sewing and sewing production.

Manufacture of hardware and applied materials. They print labels, engrave and decorate plastic elements and buttons, make lightning, brand gum and braid.

Design department. Design and model clothes of any complexity. Implement ready-made and create unique patterns for individual orders.

Clients: garment factories, ateliers, costume workshops, textile design studios, retail sewing shops and private seamstresses. Any business, regardless of scale, gets the perfect sales service.


Information resource dedicated to sewing, needlework, creativity, style and fashion.

All the basics of needlework from A to Z are conveniently collected in the thematic sections: articles about different styles, recent trends and fashion trends, background information, theoretical knowledge and practical advice from professionals: stylists, fashion designers, designers, technologists and seamstresses.


A separate section is devoted to teaching master classes and video lessons on sewing and needlework of different levels of complexity. Both beginners and professionals will find many useful and interesting ideas for themselves, and will also be able to share their knowledge and achievements.

Patterns offers its users a large collection of patterns - everything from underwear to outerwear. Even the most demanding needlewoman can choose for themselves the right model.

Online Store

The site has an online store, which sells ready-made sewing kits for those who do not want to waste time on long searches for suitable fabrics, threads and accessories. In one set everything is collected from the pattern to the finishing materials.


Platform for communication and exchange of experience: all sewing lovers can show their work, ask a question and get timely advice from more experienced needlewomen on the site's photo forum.

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Online store embroidery.

Do you want to choose embroidery for yourself or as a gift? There are many interesting sets for embroidery and useful accessories for needlework.

  • Cross Stitch,
  • beadwork,
  • diamond embroidery,
  • coloring pages
  • ...

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Online store yarn.

Crochet, knitting, fork, knitting workshops, knitting for newborns, children, men, women, knitting accessories, knitted ornaments, knitted tablecloths, napkins, knitting for home, embroidery cross, stitch, ribbons, needlework, creative needlework, fashionable needlework.

A wide selection of yarn of all colors and varieties from different countries.
New items that you can hardly find in other stores.
Our prices are as democratic as possible.


Online shop: embroidery kits, cross-stitch, needlework items.Any set for embroidery counting cross, satin stitch, ribbons, tapestry stitch, beads, etc.Constantly updated collections of embroidery and various accessories.


  • Courier delivery in Moscow - 200 rubles,
  • 39 points of issue in Moscow - 79 rubles,
  • Courier delivery in St. Petersburg - 270 rubles,
  • 39 points of issue in St. Petersburg - 120 rubles,
  • 82 cities with courier delivery in the Russian Federation - from 229 rubles,
  • more than 200 points of issue in major cities of the Russian Federation - from 79 rubles,
  • Russian Post (any region) - from 250 rub.

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Online store of fabrics.

Huge selection of fabrics, the possibility of bulk purchases, discounts.
The most visited store of this kind in Russia.

Delivery by post of Russia, for paid orders from 3,500 rubles - for free, if delivery costs 250 rubles. For example, delivery to the city of Krasnodar costs 380 rubles, the client needs to pay 130 rubles for delivery.


Fabrics and accessories wholesale.

More than 6000 types of fabrics and 15,000 types of accessories available in the catalog.

Fabrics and accessories large wholesale, small wholesale and even retail, at producer prices from factories in Japan, Turkey …

Do it yourself

I would call it life hacking for women. However, councils can also be useful for men.

The site is about how to make something out of nothing, using only what we would throw out, or what is usually just in the house.

address: Russia

Master classy

The site dedicated to the wonderful world of needlework, creativity and fantasy.

Master classes that you can find in abundance on the website will allow you to make your life extraordinarily bright, to make wonderful and unique gifts for your loved ones. It should be noted that the handmade items are extraordinarily valuable in our time, because they have a special energy and originality, we are talking about products made of polymer clay, and about flowers from paper. Every thing you have done with your own hands will be exclusive.

On the site there are a lot of articles that will introduce you to the ancient Japanese art of origami. Master classes on this topic are unusually diverse, so even a beginner will find a lot of interesting things for himself, but the guru of folding paper figures, of course, will be interested in modular origami.