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  1. - Children's age - Online magazine about children's health, development, psychology, education and training of children.

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  1. - DailyStrength - Medical social network of physical and mental health.


Mobile fitness, which combines classic fitness with mobile applications with game elements as a logical response.

When we are engaged in fitness, we like air beat, we are engaged in emptiness. Agree, not a very good incentive.

This application allows us to see the results of our efforts. For example, today is more than yesterday, etc.

The application allows others to observe how you are doing in real time. It stimulates you and allows others to join. And to do together is always fun.

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Hotline of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

Official website of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Here and a bank of documents and public reception, health news.

The site is very popular, thanks to comprehensive information from an official source.


address: Russia

Melody of Your Body

Novartis, a Russian pharmaceutical company, created a neural network that creates a melody from moles on the human body.

We take photos of birthmarks and upload them to the site.
The neural network analyzes it, assigns a sound to each birthmark, and puts it together into a melody.

This is how Novartis supports its Focus on Moles" social campaign to raise awareness about melanoma, a malignant tumor.
Up to 11,000 cases of the disease are diagnosed in Russia each year.
Usually one goes to a doctor. when it's too late.

Help heart

Information portal on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.


Medical forums - feedback on the work of private clinics.

The site will help you determine the clinic depending on the specialist and customer feedback.


This is essentially a site where volunteers can help others by donating blood and needing blood can find a donor.

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blood service

Site for donors.
You can find out the address of the nearest blood service point and clarify your abilities and contraindications for donating blood.
Besides, the site is simple and convenient to find information that can be of interest to donors - statistics ..., A lot of video material.