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  1. planetaorigami.ru - Planet Origami - Many ways to assemble a crane and an airplane.


Rare embroidery kits, exclusive handmade accessories, fashionable yarn, colorful fabrics, a variety of little things for almost any kind of creativity - this is just a small list of our range. More than 60 thousand man-made snacks in one application!


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With hands

Club of masters and craftsmen. A lot of ideas on embroidery, knitting, sewing, appliqués, creation of handicrafts in origami techniques, patchwork, quilting, quilling, felting, practical advice on various styles of jewelry creation ...


Life hacking
  1. knitting
  2. decoupage
  3. sculpting
  4. weaving
  5. crafts
  6. drawing
  7. sewing

address: Russia


Community of needlewomen.

A large collection of master classes in needlework, embroidery, decoupage and decor.
Daily updates, friendly staff. Patterns and patterns of knitting and crochet.

Handicraft shop to help craftswomen and those who only dream of learning needlework.
Gift exchanges, joint MK, competitions with prizes and a warm atmosphere.


Knitting patterns, patterns and knitting patterns.