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For women

  1. - Online-clubs - Glamorous social network of social life.
  2. - Eka mom - Social network about pregnancy and childbirth (Yekaterinburg)
  3. - Maam - Social network for preschool educators.
  4. - Sveet moms - Social network for mothers, communication and exchange of experience of motherhood.
  5. - Ravelry - Community for knitting, crochet embroidery, designers, spinners, weavers and dyers.
  6. - Crazy mama - Social network for young mothers, communication and exchange of experience.
  7. - PatientsLikeMe - Online community for patients with life-altering illnesses, to find other patients how they communicate with others, and learn more about their condition to improve their results.
  8. - myJulia - Women's social network.

An assistant for young mothers, who will tell all about pregnancy, childbirth, will share tips on caring for and care for babies.

The site for mothers will tell about the pregnancy calendar, pregnancy tests, how to find out when the date of birth will be, how to give birth, when to leave on maternity leave and how maternity leave is paid.

Both mom and dad will find tips on how to raise a baby and how to raise children.

For pregnant moms

  1. Pregnancy calendar.
  2. Daily pregnancy advice for moms and dad tips.
  3. Planning for pregnancy.
  4. Communication of pregnant women at the same time.
  5. Calculate the estimated date of delivery.
  6. Detailed information on the duration of pregnancy by day.
  7. A huge number of thematic groups. Female consultation, questions about pregnancy, the choice of the hospital and much more.
  8. Search for pregnant women at the same time next to them on the map.

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Country of Mom

Social network for moms, expectant mothers, grandmothers.

Here you can

  • keep a personal diary and children's diaries,
  • create photo albums,
  • find friends and communicate with them,
  • comment on diaries of others,
  • join Interest groups,
  • participate in contests with valuable prizes.
In the directory of institutions you will find the best kindergarten in your area and will be able to read reviews about your maternity hospital.

Consultants work on the site:

  • pediatrician,
  • psychologist,
  • dentist,
  • breastfeeding specialist,
  • lawyer
  • and others.
Services for moms: a graph of weight and height of children, your personal weight graph, pregnancy and development calendar, monthly calendar, choice of name for the future child, basal temperature chart, psychological tests. And there is a section of private ads and soon there will be a service of joint purchases!

Country of Mom


Social network for future and successful parents.

The platform, created taking into account the interests and needs of moms, dads and those who are planning a family. Implementing the project in life, we thought about what could unite us all. Of course, this is love.

In Detstrana you can get useful knowledge or share a unique experience with other travelers.

Blogs, news, informative services will make your stay on the pages of the site enjoyable and useful.


Community of moms and wishing to become them!

On the site you will find a lot of useful and interesting articles about pregnancy and childbirth, about the future mother's health, pregnancy calendar and much more.


A project for future and true mothers and dads, which addresses all issues of motherhood and child upbringing, not only in terms of problem solving, but in terms of the lifestyle of modern parents. The mission of the project is to be the main companion in a changed life day after day Young parents and the key to new discoveries.

Competitions, expert consultations, share experiences with others.


  • looking for neighbors for a walk,
  • finding places to go with a child (non-smoking cafe, children's pools ...).