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reliable site

Owner: Google
address: USA

Google Books

Search for the full text of the books.


Book search is the same as web search.
Try searching on the Google Book Search or on the website.
The results show links to books that match the search criteria.

Browsing the books on Internet

If the book is not copyrighted, and with the consent of the publisher, you can use the preview of the book, and in some cases, read all the text.
If the book is freely available, you can download its PDF version.

More in detail - quickly

We have created reference pages for each book, which allows you to quickly find any necessary information: book reviews, links to web pages, maps and much more.


Buy a book ... or take it to the library

After finding the book you are interested in, click on the links 'Buy this book' and 'Take a book in the library' to see where you can buy it or take it.

Where do books come from?

At present, we provide books to readers in two ways: via Affiliate Program and Library Project.>


Used: Amazon.
address: India

Hundred Zeros

The site allows you to download a free Kindle book.

address: Russia


Free online library.
You can read, download books.
Requires registration.

According to several publishers and experts on the Internet, is one of the most popular book sites on the runet.