Devices for reading e-books

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Devices for reading e-books

You can read e-books on a computer, there are many programs for that.

And also on smartphones and especially the tablets.

But it's best to read on special devices - e-book readers. At once I will notice, that color devices electronic books - cheap and very bad. They brake, are inconvenient and in fact are weak tablets.

E-ink - electronic ink

The actual electronic books of the device are those that use electronic ink, these are black and white readers. The battery is used only when navigating, when we change something on the screen. When the page is open, we can read and the battery is not used. Such classic readers consume little energy and can be used longer without recharging, such as a train ... Charging is enough for about a month.

There are also classic readers with electronic ink backlit. The fact is that the classic readers do not shine the screen and we need to take care of the lighting itself, as with a regular book. There is not enough battery for a month, but for a week or two.


How much will keep the battery, here it is necessary to find out for each reader separately, as well as at phones. And be sure to read reviews on the selected model.


Depending on the size, readers are usually divided into:
  1. Compact.
  2. Medium size.
  3. Great size.
Compact will be more convenient to carry, but it will be difficult to find books. I would not recommend it.

Medium-sized - books are easy to find, the optimal solution, you can wear yourself and the screen is normal.

Large size - suitable for those who like large text. Not comfortable to carry around. I recommend only if such a screen really is needed. You can not carry this with you in your pocket, you can only use it at home or bring it with you on vacation and use it there.


reliable site

Owner: Amazon
Used: Amazon.
address: USA


Amazon began selling printed books online, and then one of the first to engage in e-books trading. Amazon also created own reading room and own format. The reason is most open source formats, and their purpose was to protect copyright.


reliable site
address: Canada, Toronto

Rakuten Kobo

Canadian-Japanese company. In addition to books, they also created a device for their electronic reading. It is of high quality, because they are popular.


Onyx BOOX e-books are popular. High quality and advanced technology, ergonomic interface. The latest models run on the Android OS, which is convenient.

iTunes Android

Barnes & Noble

He has been studying books in the USA for a long time. With the advent of e-books, Barnes&Noble launched its own e-books and a device for reading them.


address: Russia


Free online library.
You can read, download books.
Requires registration.

According to several publishers and experts on the Internet, is one of the most popular book sites on the runet.