Internet technologies allow to release his own book on the market

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Internet technologies allow to release his own book on the market

address: Russia

The community is an information resource for writers.
A place where people who are keen on literature find information about writing and book publishing. The site contains information necessary for the author to write and publish a book well, and then to promote it.

Russian National Corpus

Information-reference system based on the collection of Russian texts in electronic form.
The total volume - more than 600 million words.

Has a search for books and articles.
Checking the compatibility of words - will find and offer phrases from various literary sources, so that you can safely use.

The case is intended for those who are interested in Russian: linguists, teachers, students, foreigners studying the Russian language.


Evaluation of the readability of the text.

The tool for checking the readability of texts allows you to determine the readability of materials. It will work for the site, brochures, manuals and books. Allows you to make the necessary corrections in a timely manner if necessary.

The service can be useful to developers, writers, those who make websites. The service is necessary for everyone who wants the texts on the pages to be understood, to journalists and all interested.

To assess the readability of texts, 5 readability formulas adapted for the Russian language are used.

  • Flesch-Kincaid Formula
  • Coleman-Liau Index
  • Automatic Readability Index
  • SMOG
  • Dale-Chale Formula
For those who want to automatically check the texts available API.

Journal of non-professional literature.

Not sure if you came across? In Soviet times, there were books of self-publishing, that is, printed by hand.
An incredible amount of copies was used to print the maximum number of copies at a time.
The binding was made. Pretty clumsy, but strong. No cover.
Of all the technologies used only typewriter. In Soviet times, it was very technological.

Going to the site, we see that there is samizdat. Neither design nor style.

Here the author can post his work. The base is impressive - more than 100,000 authors, about one and a half million works.There are ratings, news, discussions.

Registration is required. But you can just read without registering, even write a review to the author.

Maxim Moshkova Library


Glavred helps to clear the text of verbal garbage, checks for consistency with the information style.

address: Hungary


Thanks to the service offered by one of the American Internet sites, anyone can publish their own book and offer it to potential readers almost without intermediaries, according to local media.

The technology developed by the site's organizers is simple: first the author places on the site his own created layout Works, choosing with the help of a special simple computer program the size of the book, its design and cover design. After that, visitors interested in the book leave the order for publication and make payment. Only after that, the publisher undertakes to print the print run - in accordance with the number of buyers. 'It's just an incredible feeling - to keep a book in hand,' says Catherine Dyer, a 49-year-old resident of Atlanta, Georgia. Together with her four sisters, she wrote a cookbook and found buyers on Internet. 'I knew that it would take a very long time to sign a contract with an ordinary publishing house, and when the order was published it was launched immediately, Dyer noted.

Sister Dyer ordered 100 copies of his book (cost $22.76) via Internet and distributes it independently - through local bookstores. They have extensive creative plans: 'Because I know that I can publish my work regardless of the opinion of the publishers,' Catherine emphasized. Since its founding in 2002, the 'website for graphomaniacs' has produced 236,000 volumes. The number of customers is constantly growing, in November last year it reached 14 745.

Last summer, one of the largest online auctions joined the 'samizdat' network project, and now not only writers will be able to publish and sell their works 'to order', But also musicians and amateur filmmakers.


Creating a book in Ridero takes 5 minutes. The author downloads text and images and gets a finished book - paper and electronic. You can free-copy your book, convert it to a convenient format for e-readers and put it on Ozon, Lilys, Amazon, Bookmate, Google Play ... for sale.

And of course you can publish a printed version and also sell through Ozon, Lilys, Amazon ... You determine the circulation yourself based on the budget and how much you value your work.

The copyright to the book remains with you.

In the process, you can order (paid):

  1. Personal Assistant - will prepare your book from the first to the last page,
  2. professional proofreader - errors and typos,
  3. cover designer,
  4. Illustrations in the book,
  5. voice acting, if you want to make an audiobook,
  6. editorial revision,
  7. video for promoting the book,
  8. ordering a book - it will be written for you in 12 weeks,
  9. legal adviser - questions Intellectual property,
  10. decrypt audio into text.


Book guide in the world of literature.

Non-commercial service of user recommendations and the exchange of publicly accessible literary and other texts that do not pursue profit.

In order to write a review, registration is required. You can just read it like that.


  1. to offer personal recommendations in various fields of literature, technical and scientific texts;
  2. exchange evaluations of texts and find congenial readers;
  3. public information storage;
  4. Playground for publishing your own works. =

Registration gives

  1. personal rating of texts and works;
  2. Notify you of updates from the group of your choice;
  3. allow you to postpone on the "shelf" what you would like to read later;
  4. a place to publish your reviews and reviews;
  5. keep a diary and reading history,
  6. will recommend that you might be interested to read more.