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Public Domain
The totality of creative works, copyrights for which have expired or never existed.
Also called "public domain" are sometimes inventions, the term of a patent for which has expired.
Everyone can distribute and use the public domain without restrictions.

Works transferred into the public domain can be freely used by any person without payment of author's remuneration.
At the same time, the right of authorship, the right to a name and the right to protection of the author's reputation (personal non-property rights of the author) should be respected.

Loyal Books

Authors believe that audiobooks should be free.
Moreover, they do not want to violate existing copyright laws. Therefore, all content stored on the site and available to users for downloading, belongs to the category Public Domain.
In general, this is not so bad, especially for those who decided to fill their gaps in the classical literature.
In the resource catalog there are books in different languages ​​and including Russian - Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Turgenev, etc.

Sorting by genres and languages ​​is provided.
Each of the pieces is provided with an annotation, links to articles in Wikipedia and texts in the Gutenberg Library, a fragment of the record as a preview and can be downloaded either in MP3 format or as a podcast for iTunes.

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