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Chat with artificial intelligence

(Generative Pre-trained Transformer)
Chat with artificial intelligence.

reliable site

Owner: Yandex
address: Russia, Moscow


GPT Smart Assistant.
This is the YandexGPT neural network, available at - in Alice through the "Let's think of it" command.

Text generation

The neural network creates articles, ideas, stories and poems.
The neural network analyzes a huge amount of information and produces content according to the topic or style of the task.

Text translation

The neural network fed a huge amount of texts in different languages so that it produced a high-quality translation.

Virtual Assistant and Chatbot

You can just chat on a give

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reliable site
address: USA, San Francisco


Popular chatbot with artificial intelligence.
GPT knows how to conduct a dialogue, write articles, scripts and poetry, understand the program code and even argue.

It is free to use, but OpenAI registration is required.
Paid subscription $20 per month.
Supports Russian.


Chatbot is able to conduct a dialogue on almost any topic.
While chatting, ChatGPT remembers and stays on topic.
As the conversation progresses, it learns, avoids controversial topics, and corrects itself through leading questions.

Program code

ChatGPT is able to write basic code as well as find bugs in the code.


ChatGPT is able to write financial analysis, summaries of scientific articles, make forecasts, give advice and answer any question.