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Internet pager, that is the program for instant messaging. This is the name of one of these programs, today all Internet pagers are called that way.

Google Chat

Chat for team communication.

Integration with G Suite and third-party tools.
Meet Bot meetings browse calendars and schedule appointments at a time that's convenient for everyone.

iTunes Android


Free messaging via the Internet.

in addition to basic messaging WhatsApp users can create groups, send each other unlimited messages, photos, audio and video files.

iTunes Android


Web version

Messenger Yandex.

  • text chat,
  • video calls to mobiles and computers,
  • conferences,
  • send voice messages - they will turn into text themselves,
  • channels, create and subscribe.

iTunes Android


Логотип сайта Telegram MessengerTelegram Messenger
additional url:,
Russian - Englesh

reliable site
address: Russia

Telegram Messenger

Messenger to smartphone from Durov.
Lightweight, stylish, professionally made, as well as VKontakte, fast, secure and free.
Synchronization on all devices, unlimited messages, photos, videos and files of any type (.doc, .zip, .pdf, etc.) ...

Security and stability

Usually the channel is encrypted on the server. Encryption of Telegram is done at the phone level, which makes it impossible to intercept messages.
Telegram is decentralized, which makes it impossible to lock it. The attempt to lock it in Russia failed completely. After the blocking, it continued to be used by Sands and the state media maintained its channels. Then the blocking was simply abolished.

In Belarus, during the uprising, many sites and services were blocked, Telegram was the only one working as stably as the Internet allowed.


  1. chat,
  2. video calls,
  3. videochat,
  4. the possibility of joint viewing of the video stream,
  5. groups of up to 5000 people,
  6. channels for sending messages to an unlimited number of subscribers.
Favorites - save your favorite posts, or you can send messages to yourself.

iTunes Android huawei


Free calls from your smartphone and in your browser.

Create a video call and send the participants an invitation link.

  • Create call.
  • Schedule.
  • Free.
  • Participation without registration.
  • Sign in via link.
  • Up to 100 participants.
  • Without installing the app.
  • No time constraints.
  • Screen Show.
  • Integrate with Mail and Calendar.

Create a Call Link

Click Create call", check that you can be heard and seen.

Send the link to your conversation partners

Throw it in a messenger or send it by mail.

Wait for contacts

The call will start when you and your interlocutors click on the link.
Call everyone here and now from your browser or smartphone.

Pushed call

Send the invitation now and call when convenient.

Call from Mail

Organize the conversation directly from the letter without distracting from work.

Call from Calendar

Schedule a call together in Calendar and immediately create an appointment with an invitation link - ideal for recurring meetings.

Any user can create a video call.
Invited participants do not need to register and install additional applications.

iTunes Android Agent

Displays notifications containing the sender's name, the subject of the message, and the time it was received.

The main advantage is free SMS and integration into the mail.
That is, if you use mail from through the browser, then you do not need to install the Agent, it is already there.
The ability to create a compact address book With phone numbers to easily send regular SMS.
Displays notifications containing the name of the sender, the subject of the message and the time it was received.


  • instant messages;
  • check spelling "on the fly";
  • Free SMS to mobile;
  • voice communication;
  • high quality video calls;
  • calls to phones around the world (paid);
  • multi-user conferences;
  • View photos and videos in the chat window;
  • Alarm clock;
  • You can chat with friends from all social networks and instant messengers (ICQ, Classmates, VK, Facebook, Jabber);
  • Notifications from mail and social networks;
  • music player;
  • microblogging.

iTunes Android

Russian - Englesh

reliable site

address: Russia, Moscow


Of course it is necessary to consider this once the most popular program.
in order to send a message to someone's ICQ address, you have to be and myself on ICQ. And most of our users choose the ICQ service.

in addition to text messaging, ICQ offers:

  • Free SMS from ICQ to mobile phone
  • Free calls from computer to computer (like Skype).
But its review and done, just got one of these (QIP), only without the advertising.

iTunes Android huawei


Russian - Englesh

reliable site

Owner: Microsoft
Used: Skype.
address: USA, Redmond, One Microsoft Way, WA 98052

Skype online

Skype in browser without installing additional software. If you use Skype on your computer, you quickly navigate to the online version.


  1. does not require installation, does not take system resources, when we do not use it,
  2. if you already have an account, you will already have an address book here, in principle, it's like logging into the program,
  3. it's convenient to use it from someone else's computer, even if the program is not installed on it.


Or rather the advantages of the program before the online version.

We install the software and forgot, it starts with the system, we just use it. And then you need to open the browser and go not a site, otherwise nobody will reach us and lose the meaning of Skype.

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