Full description

Voice assistant.

Voice assistant from Yandex.

The name, or rather the name, was chosen by Alice, among other things, because few people in Russia are given such a name so that there is no confusion.
If your name is Alice, then you can change the name of the assistant to Yandex.
And the name is used to make communication more personal, so exciting.

What can Alice do?

Alice has quite a lot of functions, because she is versed in all Yandex services: Music, Radio, Search, Maps, Mail ...
It is most interesting and convenient to use Alice through the Station (column).
I usually say "Good morning Alice" in the morning, she says hello in response, says the weather and the news that I set up, then the music that I like plays. Alice knows what kind of music I like from Yandex.Music. But you can ask for other music, she will look in the collections of other users.You can ask who is playing.If you talk to her in a whisper, she will answer in a whisper.
You can just ask a question, Alice will look for the answer on the Internet.
If you can't find the phone, Alice will call it.
Alice works with a smart home, she can turn on sockets.You can listen to stories and podcasts.
Music on Alice can be controlled from a smartphone through the Yandex.Music application.

Where to use it?

  1. Alice is embedded in Yandex Browser
  2. In Yandex.Search
  3. Yandex Station with Alice, buy much cheaper on OZON
  4. Yandex TV Yandex smart TV with Alice.
  5. On the phone through the Yandex application with Alice
  6. Yandex Auto