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Random chat


Chat with random strangers without registering.
The interlocutor will not see us, which makes the chat completely anonymous.

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7 Cups of Tea

Club lovers cottages.

What do we expect from the garden site?
Articles on relevant topics. We want advice.

This site offers such articles. But what to do if the articles did not answer all the questions?

Then you can ask a question or participate in the discussion.


Today, a lot of things sold for the garden.
There are questions: what is worth buying, is there any sense, did anyone use it?
Here they recruit a group of people and they test similar products to compare.
You can participate or find out the result.

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address: Russia


Virtual notes that “fly apart” to random or selective recipients from among users of the service.
Start a note - and in return you will receive a note from someone else.
Each note can serve as the beginning for correspondence, which will last exactly as long as you and your interlocutor will support it.It may be a few minutes, and maybe a few months.
You can only conduct a few or a whole lot of correspondence on a variety of topics.
At any time of the day on Flymer there is someone to talk to.


Chat with a casual interlocutor.
Sent interlocutors are a minority, so you have to prepare that you will have to change the source.

Enter and start the chat, registration is not required.
The site is intuitively clear, neither slows down, nor h