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Bots for messengers

(short for robot)
A small robot program that automatically, possibly on schedule, performs certain operations.
In the past, bots were often called viruses, because they automatically, without our participation, and carried out operations that we did not even guess about, harming us.

Bots, this is essentially a virus for peaceful purposes, they also automatically perform operations, but with our knowledge, simplifying our lives.

Why VK?

Let's start from afar. Why should Durov do VK when there is a Faceebook? I have heard this many times. But the point is that Facebook is not the first social network, it's the first social network made very well.
It's like the search engines were, but were not as good as Google and Yandex.

So, Durov had his idea about what a social network should be. That's why VK has its advantages. It's much easier Facebook and therefore more practical in Russia, especially in areas of weak Internet.

Durov said goodbye to his social network and began to make a new product.

Why messengers?

Today for many VK - it's all the Internet, well, or almost all the Internet, because there you can find almost everything that is on the Internet.
Yesterday VK is first of all a tape. Today - this is primarily a messenger, especially with the general spread of smartphones. Facebook even put the messenger in a separate application for the smartphone.

For example, I started an account in VK only for contacts with a number of people and I do not need anything there, except the messenger.

In due time the messenger was, as an additional unpretentious function. But the way it is used so often, why not make it better?

It would seem, where much better? It's just an instant messenger, to exchange text messages. Yes, if you need to quickly send urgent information. But the messenger is used for communication and entertainment, and here creativity is required.

Why bots?

At one time, browser was the simplest program, just watching simple websites. Today this is the most multifunctional program, such a mini operating system inside the operating system. This is the player and the editor and the mail and everything, everything, everything.

At one time the Mozilla browser allowed users to create and add plug-ins for the browser. If anyone does not know, the plugin is a simple program, usually with one function that can be written inside the full program and add a function to it. That is, to expand its capabilities.

Benefits? Everyone can add only what he needs, otherwise the browser will be too slow. And so everyone has their own unique.

Bots do something similar for instant messengers. There is a specificity here - messengers are small and on the smartphone it is inconvenient to poke a finger, type text, ask commands. Therefore, they require us to make the least effort, maximally doing the required work.

Durov allowed users to create and add bots.

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Platforms for creating bots

  1. - Telegram Messenger
  2. - Facebook Messenger