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logo Biletix



phone.:8 800 775-17-55 (Russian Customers toll-free), + 7 495 668 61 98


Convenient forms of ordering rail and air tickets, car rental, hotels, tours.
A good and convenient help system, delivery. The main functionality is available from the main page, where you can choose, on the plane you fly or take the train. Order forms are minimalistic and do not require any special data - destinations and departures, date, and for air tickets you need to specify the number of passengers. No mandatory registration is required.

The form of air tickets is quite simple and really relevant - although the margin is very decent and averages from 700 to 1500 rubles (and even more) per segment. Therefore, if you order inexpensive tickets, then it is better to do it on the operator's website.

Payment methods

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In Russian
logo Wizz Air

Russian - English


Wizz Air

The site of the Hungarian airline Wizz Air.
Ukrainian and European flights (but, alas, not Russian). To fly from Kiev to Simferopol can be for 170 hryvnia (660 rubles) - the train costs about the same. It is a special pleasure to study the company's flights in Europe. For example, the cost of the August ticket from Bologna to Budapest, if you order it now, 10 euros - the price of an express from Moscow to the airport.

Payment methods

Russian - English

Owner: Google

Uses: Google maps.

Google Travel

Travel portal.

Convenient flights at competitive prices.

When we plan a trip, we use Google to choose a place, time, hotel, plane.

Well, if we find out anyway through Google, they collected this kind of information in one place.
What do we need?
We do not want to come to India for the rainy season, we do not want to buy the most expensive tickets.
We want to see something new.
And we are limited by budget.

The portal allows you to choose a place, hotel, plane tickets.
So it will be more convenient to find a place, respectively, prices.

The portal offers links to selected hotels on

with specified prices, you can go and make an order or search for something more interesting.

logo Google Flights

Russian - English

Owner: Google

Google Flights

Google Flights.
The purpose of the service is to help find cheaper airplane tickets.

The idea is not new and it seems like Google should get the most convenient options from Internet.
In fact, they are looking for a large number of partners.
So Russia is represented more poorly.
And personally, I would use this service only to search for flights of Western airlines.

However, the service is new, with time and we will catch up.

In Russian

Ben Gurion Airport

The official site of the airport - there is no Russian version.

International Airport. David Ben-Gurion is the main Israeli airport.
International IATA code: TLV; ICAO code: LLBG.
It was built in 1936 by the British authorities.
It is located 14 km southeast of Tel Aviv, near the city of Lod.

Ben Gurion Airport has two main terminals:

  1. Terminal 3 for international flights.
  2. Terminal 1 for domestic and international (mostly low-cost) flights.
When purchasing tickets, check from which terminal your flight will depart. Well, remember about Saturday. If nobody meets you, public transport will not work.

logo Aeroflot

Russian - English

phone.: 555, 8 800 444-55-55 (Russian Customers toll-free)
address: г. Москва, 119002, ул. Арбат, д. 10


The official site of Russia's leading airline.
Here you can book and buy tickets, rent a car (we will immediately need transport) and book a hotel (but I would do this through other sites).

On the site you can find contacts and free phone numbers for mobile or for your region.
Well, you never know what it will take, if something happens to the luggage, a rowdy in the plane ...
It would be nice to check the permissible size of luggage, hand luggage ... phone, that is.


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