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logo Wizz Air

Russian - English


Wizz Air

The site of the Hungarian airline Wizz Air.
Ukrainian and European flights (but, alas, not Russian). To fly from Kiev to Simferopol can be for 170 hryvnia (660 rubles) - the train costs about the same. It is a special pleasure to study the company's flights in Europe. For example, the cost of the August ticket from Bologna to Budapest, if you order it now, 10 euros - the price of an express from Moscow to the airport.

Payment methods

logo Aviasales





Booking tickets on the site is made in real time (on-line). With On-line booking on our website you reserve reservations in the booking system. The ready reservation is sent to the operator of SIA 'DAVS Agency' for registration of air tickets. Booking of air tickets on the site is carried out on flights of all Russian and international airlines to all destinations, as the search system is integrated with several reservation systems. Pre-booking, issuing tickets, refunding tickets is strictly in accordance with the rules that the airline establishes.


airtickets delivery

Electronic air tickets are delivered by e-mail, air tickets on TCH forms can be delivered by courier in the following cities:
  • Moscow within the MKAD
  • Zhukovsky
  • Domodedovo
  • St. Petersburg
  • Novosibirsk
  • Khabarovsk
  • Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
  • Sochi
The cost of courier delivery is 150 rubles.

Return of air tickets

  • Return of the issued air tickets, regardless of how the tickets were booked, are made in accordance with airline regulations.
  • Agency fees for voluntary return of the client
  • In case of a refund of air tickets, you must notify our operator as soon as possible so that you can Was to cancel the ticket with the least their losses.

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In Russian

In Russian
logo Rambler/travel



Owner: Rambler

Uses: Google maps.


The task of the service is to give out not all, but the most popular and profitable. That is, filter out anything that you are not interested in initially.
Say you buy a plane ticket, then you will be offered options and restrictions in connection with this, for example - you can not return, exchange, take luggage (only carry-on luggage up to 10 kg) ... You can choose the price-service ratio.

For hotels immediately indicated whether breakfast is included, whether there is parking, WIFI. However, this is a generator from other sites.

logo Skyscanner


The goal is to provide you with as much information about prices as possible and save time in searching for necessary information.
Finding and viewing this information is simple and flexible.

The service also gives you the opportunity to find the cheapest tickets without specifying specific dates or even Points of destination. This makes it the most convenient website for finding cheap air tickets. Besides, here you can search among the best hotels and find the best prices, and by filling out the appropriate form, you can reserve a car rental in any country in the world.

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logo Airline Sirius Aero

Airline Sirius Aero

The largest business aviation operator in Eastern Europe.

It offers rental business jets - small jets.
The site has a fleet of the companies, you can look around inside by panoramic photos.

logo SeatGuru


Owner: TripAdvisor



Find out where the best places are on your flight.
Choose an airline, Aeroflot and S7 is, but say the North wind or NordAvia I did not find.
We choose the plane and look at the plan with the indicated best places. In addition, there are a number of other features, power, headphones, video ...


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