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Reading plans

Refreshment! Plans Bible reading
You can choose a suitable reading plan from a number of suggested ones.

Bible for the year (1 year)

Experience, understanding and joy come from reading the whole Bible. Give this precious Book at least 15 minutes a day using the most popular reading plan "The Bible for the Year." The daily reading of the Old and New Testaments, the Psalms and the Proverbs will guide you through God's Word throughout the year.

Chronological (1 year)

The "chronological" plan is compiled on the basis of recent historical studies so that you read about the recorded events in the Bible in the sequence in which they actually occurred. This plan is a suitable choice for those who, during reading, want to take into account the historical context. Following this plan, you will read the Bible completely in one year.

Historical (1 year)

Have you ever wondered in what order the Old Testament was read in ancient Israel? Or in what order were the books of the New Testament written? In this respect, the order of the Old Testament books is very similar to the Israeli Jewish Bible, beginning with the Law and up to the Prophets. The sequence of the books of the New Testament is compiled on the basis of recent historical studies and shows the order of their writing. These studies are not final and irrefutable! But even so, such a reading plan can serve as a new revelation for you when you study the Bible.

Project 3: 45+ (1 year)

"Project 3:45" + is an expanded version of the New Testament reading plan "Project 3:45". The plus sign means that Psalter, Proverbs (every day), and some heads of the Old Testament (5 times in 7 days) are added to the daily reading.

ESV Study Bible (1 year)

The plan contains daily readings containing excerpts from four sections of the Bible: the Psalter and books about wisdom, the Pentateuch and the history of Israel, the Chronicles and Prophets, as well as the Gospels and Epistles of the Apostles.

90 Days Bible (90 days)

This plan was created by Ted Cooper in 2002, to take you through the Bible in just 3 months. The plan involves reading about 12 pages a day.

Canonical (1 year)

This plan guides you through the chapter from Genesis to Revelation.

In the morning and in the evening (1 year)

This plan contains small fragments of Scripture filled with spiritual wisdom for evening and morning reflection on the Word.

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