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Payment Cards

Facebook Pay -
Amazon Pay -
Virtual cards.

Virtual prepaid VISA

VISA VIRTUAL allows you to pay on any Internet site where ordinary VISAs are accepted.

By purchasing a card anywhere in the country, you can pay for Skype, top up PayPal, make purchases on E-Bay, pay PerfectWorld and other online games, buy a train ticket, plane, pay for a hotel reservation, etc.

You can buy VISA VIRTUAL on the territory of the whole country, in any city.
Purchase of VISA VIRTUAL does not take as long as the processing of plastic cards.
Payment with With the help of VISA VIRTUAL it is not only speed and convenience, but also safety, because The requisites of plastic and salary cards remain intact.
Becoming a VISA VIRTUAL owner is very simple. Just 4 steps:

  1. Choose one of the 87,000 QIWI payment terminals located in each locality of the Russian Federation - in shopping malls, shops, cinemas and other public places.
  2. Specify the mobile phone number.
  3. Make the necessary amount of money.
  4. Within a minute, wait for the SMS message to the number of the specified mobile phone with the details of the Virtual prepaid VISA.
When performing operations with the card, its owner also receives a free SMS-notification indicating the amount of the operation and the current balance of funds on the card's balance sheet.

Read more about QIWI

2Checkout -
Secure online payment by plastic card.

The leading service that allows you to use the system of instant payment for services and goods by a plastic card via Internet. In fact, there are not many of them, you can count on the fingers of one hand, therefore you should use them.
2CO is one of the most reliable, secure card payment systems. Therefore, we can often find that some site or online store uses this system to receive payments.

If the site offers to pay for a purchase in some way, it's better not to do it.

Sumup -
The technology of accepting payments on plastic cards MasterCard and Visa from a smartphone or tablet using a mobile POS terminal.

The technology of accepting payments on MasterCard and VISAs from a smartphone or tablet using a mobile POS terminal.

Cost of the service: 2.75% per transaction. No transactions - no payments. Just a percentage of the money you receive.

Yandex Pay
A service for paying for purchases with plastic cards without entering card data.

A service for paying for purchases with plastic cards without entering card data.
The data of the cards are stored in the Yandex account in encrypted form.

Works with Mastercard, Visa and Mir cards of any bank.
Bind a card to the account of Yandex.
There is a possibility of use several cards at once.
The service only works on sites in most popular browsers.

Service for payment by touching the phone instead of the card.

Service for payment by touching the phone instead of the card.
The phone must support NFC technology.
This is how we protect the cards without entering data.
Service is similar to Google Pay, but is designed only for one bank - Sberbank.

It will be convenient for those who use only Sberbank.

The main advantage over Google Pay - work on all phones with NFC support, including Huawei and Honor.

SberPay works only with Visa cards, preparing to support Mastercard and Mir cards.

SberPay works through the application Sberbank Online, nothing additional installation is required.

Instant card Sberbank
Free card to pay for purchases, including on the Internet.

Free card to pay for purchases, including on the Internet.
Issued within 10 minutes in the bank.

This card is not advertised. The bank may try to impose other or unnecessary services along with it.
You just need to insist.

Sberbank Online
Official sites.

Advantage - prevalence and reliability. He is a state and therefore will not go bankrupt. Now it's free, although you need to activate the Mobile Bank service, which will cost something.

Advantage - we see who transfer money (if the card is also a savings bank). That is, I know that mistakenly the wrong figure was not pressed and the money did not go to another user.

Reminder of ЮMoney payments
Informing about fines, VCKP receipts ... by SMS or mail.

Now, on the payment confirmation page, you can program a reminder of the following on the email. To configure the "Reminder" can be on most of the windows of regular payments - providers, IP telephony, utilities, city telephone, television, mobile communications ... Even social networks.

Here's how it looks on the mobile phone payment window:

Dunning options:

  • once a month, that is, for example, the letter comes on the 13th of every month;
  • Once: November 13 - and all.
The first one is useful for paying receipts, the second is for taxes and, for example, insurance.

After payment, already in the check with confirmation of a successful payment, you can:

  1. Add it to Favorites;
  2. Change the reminder settings again;
  3. Check the email to which you receive the email.

You can set up email for receiving mailings and view the list of configured reminders in the section Manage your wallet.

Yandex.Money, cashback
Even if you already have a cashback from your bank, you will receive an additional cashback from us - 1% points, instantly.

Even if you already have a cashback from your bank, you will receive an additional cashback from us - 1% points, instantly.

How to get cashback

  1. create a wallet, if it is not already there,
  2. bind the card or start a Yandex.Map,
  3. turn on cashback, click "I want to start",
  4. we pay with ЮMoney.
Accrual instantly, after the next payment by ЮMoney, we will be asked to use points.
Free virtual card.

Let's say you have ЮMoney, but they are not accepted everywhere. You can create a virtual card ЮMoney and pay ЮMoney where they are not accepted.
If you have any doubts, you can always delete the virtual card.
The card can be linked to an account in Amazon, the App Store, Google Play and PayPal.
To issue a card, it takes only a few minutes. After that you will receive one part of the details in the SMS, the other - to the site. This means that no one but you can pay from the card.

Free release

The card is valid for 1 year, but you can close it at any time and release a new one.

The card is issued almost instantly, the CVC code is sent from SMS to the mobile phone bound to the account.

Replenishment without commission

There are many ways to replenish the card without commission, ex. in Svyaznoy.
Just replenish your purse ЮMoney.

Payments on any sites where MasterCard is accepted

To pay, use the card details. If you need the owner's name, specify your data in Latin.

Pay ATTENTION: the card can be issued only if the phone is attached to the account.


Yandex has made its first plastic card in cooperation with bank Tinkoff. (Since October 2016, these cards become inactive)
Now they have their own MasterCard PayPass - contactless card.
You do not need to pay for withdrawing money from Internet. Your account is tied to a card, just pay with the card and pay 0% for this kind of withdrawal.


We set the pin-code ourselves. When receiving the card we receive an email, follow the link and double-enter the PIN code we invented.
This should be neither a year nor a phone number, and the figure is clear only to you.
I recommend that you write the password in password manager, be sure to use the manager.
About Payment Cards
All about Payment Cards.

All about plastic cards.

The main thing is to help you choose the most profitable plastic card for your situation. We choose a city, determine why we need a card: purchases, travel, credit ... or simply withdraw cash.

Usually, banks' websites are created and understood by bankers, and this site speaks to us in a language we understand.

The payment system is designed to accept payments on the site.

The payment system is designed to accept payments on the site.

The system allows you to accept payments in the most common ways: bank cards, Internet banking, terminals, electronic payment systems, money transfers and ...

Payoneer -
Reliable Internet service.

Service to simply make on-site payments through a plastic card.
Collect 3.5%.

Here you can order a debit card Payoneer PrePaid MasterCard, then receive money from it from customers and ...

How it works

  1. Send a visitor to the refill page.
  2. He enters your email or your card number.
  3. Click the "Continue" button and make a payment.
PayOnline -
Electronic payment system.

Receiving payments on sites. The main convenience, the ability to accept payments from bank cards.

MasterPass -
Now on foreign websites you can pay directly from your wallet - ЮMoney works with MasterPass, the project of an international payment system.
ChronoPay -
Reliable Internet service.

Similar to 2Checkout, somewhat more expensive, but a Russian interface, it serves 95% of the Russian market of online music sales. ChronoPay creates a global platform for processing payments on Internet, which can effectively combine various payment tools. At th

Money transfers in VK
Send money in messages using a bank card.

Send money in messages using a bank card.
The beneficiary's card number is not needed - he will transfer the transfer at his discretion.

Simply write a message and apply the money, as usual, photos, documents ... through the icon of the scraper.

You can send from Russian cards Mastercard, Maestro and Visa.
You can get on cards - Mastercard, Maestro and Visa of Russia, Mastercard and Maestro of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Germany, Georgia, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Uzbekistan, France, Czechia and Estonia.
Limitations of transfer - from 100 to 75 000 rubles.
Commission for sending - 1% of the transfer amount, at least 40 rubles.


Japan Credit Bureau.
Card Mir -
National Payment Card Mir.
Discover -
American Express -
Maestro -
Visa -
China UnionPay -
MasterCard -


Bank Card Blocking Service
phone: +__116

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