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Currency exchange

Advantageous currency exchange rates on the map.
Advantageous currency exchange rates.
Bestchange -
Favorable exchange rates.

The site helps to find the most profitable exchanger of electronic money.
There is a good course, but there is no money available. This site gives the most complete and up-to-date information in a simple and understandable manner.

The site has collected and organized information on manual and automatic exchange points of electronic currencies.
The information is presented in the form of tables that display data on exchange rates and reserves of exchanger-sites. Information about electronic exchange points is continuously updated, with a periodicity of half a minute.

As for security.
Only the most trusted exchange offices are included in our monitoring database.

Bestchange — Bitcoin exchange
The site contains information on exchange points that change Bitcoin into rubles, euros, Paypal and many other purses and currency.

The site contains information on exchange offices that change Bitcoin into rubles, euros, Paypal and many other purses and currency.

Let's say we choose Paypal and get a list of dozens of exchange pips with the exchange rate. We select the most convenient course, reserve and check reliability, in any case I would check.

TransferWise -
Currency Exchange Online.

Profitable money transfers abroad.

The service was created by Estonians, the most successful start-up in recent years.

Transfers of money from one currency to another, and even more so in another country can be very expensive for both parties. This service helps to minimize costs.

This is not a transfer through the bank, but directly - peer-to-peer (from person to person), so the commission is reduced to 90%.

While the service works with the world's leading currencies, but the goal is to cover it as much as possible, the ruble, hryvnia and many more currencies are on the list of nearest expectations.
That's why the interface in Russian is not yet available.

The dollar and the euro for tomorrow.

Tool for measuring and saving savings: tips, current exchange rates, the dollar and euro exchange rate for tomorrow, the official exchange rates of the Central Bank of Russia.

RBK Money -
RBK Money payment system has its own internal instant exchanger.

The RBK Money payment system has its own internal instant exchanger. Registration in the system is simple.

But first of all, you can accept payments in more than 30 ways, which eliminates the need for an exchanger.
For this, the buyer does not have to be registered with RBK Money.

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