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BlaBlaCar -
Leading travel community, marketplace, bringing together drivers and passengers who are on the way.

A leading community of Travel agencies, a platform that unites drivers and passengers along the way.

What we need for a long trip is to find the cheapest and most comfortable way to do it.
That's why this site was created. Do you see? Let's say you go by train, and there they begin to cudgle demobals, usually they are harmless, funny, but you can not sleep ...

Especially if you are planning not to go by yourself, but to transfer the associated cargo.
Recently, the service has become paid for passengers. They will have to pay a percentage through the site. The further, the percentage is less. On short trips - 20%.


  1. More than 25 millions of users,
  2. 10 million people travel quarterly,
  3. 22 Countries: Belgium, Brazil, Great Britain, Hungary, Holland, Germany, India, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Croatia and the Czech Republic,
  4. 2.8 people - the average occupancy of the car BlaBlaCar (against the usual 1.7),
  5. more than 2 million available for booking seats,
  6. more 3 billion kilometers of published routes, you can 80,535 times about ognut land,
  7. about 275 million € saved our drivers,
  8. savings of the order of 700 thousand tons of emissions CO2.

Search for bus schedules.

Find a bus route on the territory of Russia and neighboring countries.
More than 20,000 cities in Russia and neighboring countries.

You can easily see the bus routes and buy a ticket for some flights.
In addition, our visitors can chat and share travel experiences in the comments.

Buy cheap bus tickets.
Pay for the ticket with a credit card in a convenient place for you. Information about the purchase is automatically transmitted to the bus station of departure and is displayed in the carrier's landing list.

Ecolines -
The largest and most experienced operator of international bus transportation.

The largest and most experienced operator of international bus transportation.
Its daily trips to Russia are operated by AMRON, which operates under ECOLINES trade mark, offering comfortable trips to 21 countries and about 200 cities.

ECOLINES has been working in international coach carriage market for 20 years.
The company chooses only experienced and well-tried bus drivers, guaranteeing passenger comfort and safety on any roads.

ECOLINES is the first bus transport operator in Russia, which has implemented multimodal transport system, facilitating journey from one destination to another.
Moreover, special bonus program is created to encourage passengers, who often choose our services. You can read more about the loyalty program here.

The company's pricing policy allows us to regularly offer discounted tickets to our customers.

Tour Operator Rus
Bus tours in Russia.

Schedules of public transport in Russia.

Timetables for buses, taxis, minibuses, trams, trolley buses, subways in Russia.

Schedules in more than 10,000 locations across the country. Schedules have also been implemented with stops, thanks to which you can quickly and easily see the flights you need, which will pass through your station today and tomorrow.

Going to a specific stop, you will be able to see all the modes of transport going through this stop, and make a route between the necessary points, starting from a specific stop.

Bus schedule in Ukraine
Bus schedules of Ukraine and Crimea.

Bus schedules of Ukraine and Crimea.

Detailed bus schedule for the next 10 days.
The cost of bus tickets.
Systems for ordering, selling and booking bus tickets.

Bus tickets to Russia, Belarus and Europe.

Online service to search, order and purchase electronic bus tickets in Russia and abroad. More than 5,000 carriers are connected to our system, so for any route we offer several travel options.

A clear and informative search system: bus ticket price, route, duration of the trip, schedule, information about the carrier.

Best prices - compare prices, find cheap flights and book coach tickets at the best fare online.


Ability to return bus tickets in case of emergency. This procedure is in accordance with the conditions of carriers, as well as Russian legislation.
Online booking of Busfor bus tickets guarantees you a refund in case of trip cancellation.

Bus tickets
Tickets for buses in Russia and CIS.

Tickets for buses in Russia and CIS.

Electronic bus tickets

It is not necessary to leave home: you can buy bus tickets online.

Return information

You can familiarize yourself with the refund conditions for tickets even before you buy them.

Contact Center Support

You can always ask for help through the form or by telephone 8 800 511-71-04.

Actions and discounts

Subscribe to Yandex.Travel newsletters and communities in social networks and be aware of our promotions and special offers.

Busradar -
Search for bus flights.

Search for bus flights.

Convenient search for bus destinations in Europe. Russia, Ukraine and the CIS countries are also represented, but only the largest routes.

You can search for routes on the map.

We can compare the offers of different shipping companies to find the best route for the price and time.

Bus Time
Public transport online.

Public transport online.

The data provided is the result of analyzing the GPS data of the current location of the vehicle. Public urban transport is equipped with special devices that send the current location of the equipment determined by satellite in real time via the mobile Internet.

The process consists of the following steps:

  1. Satellite navigation data is transmitted to the server.
  2. On the server, the data is written to the database and sent to the Bustime server.
  3. The Bustime server analyzes the location of the vehicle and sends updated information to connected users.

Lux Express -
The bus carrier in the Baltic States, there are good sales from St. Petersburg and Moscow.

The bus carrier in the Baltic States, there are good sales from St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Passenger transportation on new comfortable buses with WI-FI and personal media systems.

In this group, you can find out the latest and accurate information about our shipments, contests and promotions, as well as ask questions and share travel experiences with Lux Express.

Service, where you can find a bus on the schedule at the desired date, find out the price of the ticket, book or buy a ticket for it.

Service, where you can find a bus on the schedule at the desired date, find out the price of the ticket, book or buy a ticket for it.

The service is similar to other similar (Yandex.Raspisany), looks and works the same way.

In the base of buses in the CIS countries. It is clear that there are only intercity buses here, but not all. Just checking. If local short routes, most likely they will not be, if distant, it will rather be. The project is new, it will develop.

There is a directory of directions where you can search for suitable routes. Our orders are stored in My Tickets section.

Public transport of St. Petersburg
Urban transport routes on the map.

City transport Petersburg online. Enter the portal, choose the number of your bus, then mark the stop on which you are, and immediately get Data, after how many minutes the arrival of the machine of the route you want is expected. The information on the movement of vehicles is based on data from the GLONASS navigation instruments - they are as accurate as possible, and the traffic is calculated taking into account the traffic situation.

Transport of St. Petersburg -
Routes and timetables of transport of St. Petersburg.

Routes and timetables of transport of St. Petersburg.

Current information on changes in the work of urban public transport and news from the transport sector.
Information about travel tickets, about the types of urban public transport, timetable of the metro, bus and railway stations.

The site provides information on all types of public transport.
You can choose a route and on the map you will be asked how to get one or several modes of transport.

FlixBus -
The largest bus carrier in Europe.

The largest bus carrier in Europe.
More than 350,000 routes in 2,000 cities and 28 countries.

Here you can pick up, cheap to buy a bus ticket for Europe.
Flexible exchange and return tickets.

The FlixBus bus lounge has free Wi-Fi, sockets and air conditioning.

Each passenger receives a comfortable seat with extended legroom and can carry free hand luggage and standard luggage.
Check flight status.
Ability to apply for finding forgotten things.

Discounts for users of the application and mailing subscribers.

NOR-WAY Bussekspress -
Transport Norway.

The main site is about buses and bus routes.
The search system is on the map or just set point A and point B. You can set the date and the site will show what is available.
The site is in Norwegian, but it's not difficult to understand.

Bus Schedule Russia
Tickets for intercity buses.

Tickets for intercity buses.

Graphics traffic in a convenient form.

Regular updates of timetables.

The possibility of buying and returning tickets under certain conditions.

One day in the life of Moscow transport.
Interactive Yandex.Maps

One day in the life of Petersburg transport.
Interactive Yandex.Maps

One day in the life of Ekaterinburg transport.
Interactive Yandex.Maps

One day in the life of Novosibirsk transport
Interactive Yandex.Maps

One day in the life of Minsk transport
Interactive Yandex.Maps

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